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Poseidon DAO’s new Space AMA

Poseidon DAO will host an exciting new Space AMA entitled,

In Conversation with Matteo Mauro: Documentary, Nifty Gateway and Community Update

on Wednesday 15 March at 19.00 CET, in its official twitter profile.

This event will delve into the latest updates on the world of crypto-art, including the state of the industry and Matteo Mauro‘s Four Seasons project.

Matteo Mauro at the new Poseidon DAO Space AMA

Matteo Mauro is a talented artist who was initially interested in music before moving into the art world. After obtaining a degree in architecture, Matteo switched to digital art and his works reflect a strong baroque inspiration.

This inspiration is not related to the image itself, but rather to the principles of grandeur and the study of Baroque art, which is steeped in technology and innovation.

Matteo’s generative works in NFT follow strict mathematical rules, similar to the coding rules underlying the Baroque figures that fill space.

During this Space on the official Poseidon DAO channel, updates on developments in Poseidon DAO and the PDN token will also be provided.

Matteo will also provide information on his Four Seasons project, highlighting its unique features and what to expect from this upcoming project.

Crypto-art will also be discussed during the event, offering insights into the latest trends, innovations and challenges in the industry.

The audience will be treated to a lively discussion offering insights into digital art, with Matteo providing his perspective on the future of this exciting and rapidly evolving field.

An unmissable event for anyone interested in digital art, crypto-art or the future of the art industry.

For all digital art enthusiasts, make a note of the appointment. Poseidon DAO looks forward to seeing you on Wednesday 15 March at 7pm with Matteo Mauro and other digital art enthusiasts for an engaging and informative discussion on NFT.