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AGIX driving artificial intelligence (AI)-based crypto assets

Upon the release of new news from Google about artificial intelligence (AI), AGIX has soared and along with it so have the other crypto assets attributable to this technology.

When a new piece of news comes out about a specific industry, for example AI (artificial intelligence). All crypto assets related to it, like AGIX, experience strong movements.

AGIX: the artificial intelligence (AI) crypto

With each new piece of news about the amazing world of artificial intelligence, crypto companies that are involved in various ways with this technology undergo significant changes.

The AI trend being ridden by ChatGPT is one of the absolute best performing trends of the last quarter of 2022 and 2023.

Despite the fact that from a technical point of view more and more experts consider it complex and perhaps unprofitable to combine blockchain, cryptography, and artificial intelligence, many speculators are riding the wave.

ChatGPT 4 was recently announced and that was enough to stir AI-related companies.

The ChatGPT upgrade is not the only positive news in the industry. In fact, even Google has announced that it will merge AI technology with some of its systems.

Gmail and Google Docs will be the first in Google’s house to enjoy the help of artificial intelligence technology.

Meanwhile, AGIX has experienced a real surge in value and with it all those tokens that are connected with the aforementioned technology.

A series of important news for AI lovers and those who invest in it have overlapped in two days.

Google will aim to implement the technology in Gmail and Docs services, and ChatGPT unveiled its fourth upgrade.

The crypto sector that is influenced by external news has not been slow to react and this is why AGIX and others have appreciated, some more and others less.

AI: amid speculation and future scenarios

Speculation has always been there and this case is no exception.

Speculation is driven by the appeal that these tokens have on investors because AI is often identified as having a technical advantage above all else.

Despite this, it is important to remember that cryptographic companies leveraging this technology are gradually realizing the complexity of combining AI with blockchain.

From a technical point of view if the union of these two technologies is as innovative as the world of finance can offer it is equally true that one limits the other.

That being established, it goes without saying that any positive news on these topics drives the value of tokens, which skyrocket each time.

Because of these announcements in the last week, AGIX appreciated by 30%, though it then returned to milder temperatures.

Today the token loses 6.73% but that is understandable after such a momentum in just a few days.

Analysts’ predicts the token will continue to grow and are based on the fact that the AI trend will not stop but rather will grow in the years to come.

George Michael Belardinelli
George Michael Belardinelli
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