On 19 March the exhibition  entitled “DIGITAL CONTAMINATION – hybrid art as creative expression,” which will be held from 7 PM (CET) at HOLY CLUB DIGITAL ART GALLERY, has as its main purpose to highlight how in the current era the thinning of the boundaries separating artistic disciplines can produce very interesting new expressive solutions.

The Cathedral Pavilion (an installation created by artist Adriano Lombardo) will feature five art projects by artists STEFANO BOMBARDIERI, PAULO RENFTLE, CRYPTOMADONNE Holy Club, MENDACIA and YOU; who have been able to feed on the juxtapositions between physical and digital by expressing new creative possibilities by hybridizing seemingly very different art forms.

The exhibition proposes a new angle to what is the current art world, starting from the principle that in human history there has always been a debate on the subject of art. What is art, what is not?

Every revolution provokes skepticism and misunderstanding because it leads human beings toward what they do not know, to look into the face of the unknown.

In contemporary times, the technological revolution has brought new fractures in the human heart, unknown fears that threaten to challenge even the very meaning of the term “human being.”

The ripping apart of old religious, social and artistic dogmas has led to the development of new forms of creative expression that also embrace digital solutions never before adopted.

The irruption of artificial intelligence, holographic projections, 3-D modeling and many other digital techniques has inevitably contaminated the vision and experience of traditional art.

At the same time, digital artists increasingly match their works with a physical counterpart that can give material substance to their ideas. Physical and metaphysical, material and digital meet and collide, giving rise to a new form of creative expression called Phygital Art.

Artists featured in the exhibition “DIGITAL CONTAMINATION”

STEFANO BOMBARDIERI who has been proposing his XXL installations for years in squares all over the world (and already boasts two participations in the Venice Biennale) has recently decided to combine the physical work “the weight of suspended time” with an immaterial work visible through a hologram. During the exhibition on 19 March, the artist will exhibit sculptural works, on plastic material and holographic works certified through the Blockchain.

PAULO RENFTLE, a photographer characterized by a luminous, compositional and geometric signature, which recurs throughout his work developed over a 20-year career; presents exclusively the AFTERLIFE series, images created with laser light, captured with Hasselblad both digitally and on film. During the exhibition, “AFTERLIFE – I” an NFT work depicting female beauty transported to another plane of reality, recently released on SuperRare and purchased by collector Poseidon NFT Fund, will also be on display; during the event, one of the works will be viewable through VR.

CRYPTOMADONNE Holy Club is an NFT project created by artist Beatrice Vigoni composed of pixelated madonnas processed from a painting by Masaccio (St. Anna Metterza – 1424, Masaccio and Masolino). It is a reinterpretation of the symbol of the Virgin in a pop, playful and irreverent key. The art project, which is digital native, has integrated a phygital part by involving artists who deal mainly with physical art. Three canvases in collaboration with Waro, Pitmarels and Viperhaze, respectively, will be exhibited for the occasion.

MENDACIA‘s muse is adolescence and the communicative, iconic context related to it. From a young age the artist has been close to the world of technology and photography; at a more mature stage of her life she decides to turn her gaze back and represent intimate and nostalgic moments of an adolescence perhaps stolen or simply made more glossy by technology itself. One of the distinctive features of her works is the presence of musical parts that complement the meaning of the works.

YOU is a performance artist who through his art expresses his deepest imaginations and creates a realm that does not yet exist. Art and technology are an inescapable combination for him now.. The key word is “contact.” Indeed, The Contact project is the perfect representation of the artistic artifact that becomes itself a creative act. The artist uses tools to create his work by cutting the screen, and it is at that exact moment that the digital comes to life. During the event, You will perform a live performance in which he will demonstrate the creative process outlined above.

The Cyberpunk industrial pavilion will display works by artists who have chosen to adopt digital methods to express the conflicting feelings that arise from the ever-present intermingling of human and machine.
Protagonists of this exhibition section will be artists of depth from the Italian digital scene such as: Simone Vezzani, Gebelia, Bizzarro, Dark, Them, Loopo and Honey.

The exhibition event was born from the collaboration between Italian artists and realities of the web3 sector: Holy Club, Modularlabs, MetaBrera, Sewer Nation and Cryptoniteitalia; five projects united by the purpose of developing sensitivity and support for the artistic and cultural sector in communion with new technologies.

Holy Club – Via Galileo Galilei 30, Carnate (MB)

Press & pitch 7 PM (CET).

Public from 9 PM to Midnight (CET)

IG: @h.c.digitalartgallery