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Big Eyes Coin Changes The Presale Game With Loot Boxes; Competitors Fight Out, And Securedverse Try To Keep Up


Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is always finding ways to make sure that no matter how little or how big of an investment is made, everyone leaves with something. The project called Big Eyes coin incorporating Loot Boxes into their presale has changed the game and have left competitors like Securedverse (SVC) and FightOut (FGHT) fighting to keep up with the many deals that Big Eyes has to offer.

Big Eyes: The Cat Is Out Of The Bag

Or rather, the cat is in its bag because Big Eyes has been making nothing but big money moves since making its grand entrance on the crypto scene. Statistically, the Big Eyes presale has made recent history as one of the grandest presales, as the crypto cat has made over 31 million dollars already. The chance of being able to get a 5000% return on investment is causing a frenzy for Big Eyes, and more people are gravitating towards purchasing Loot Boxes.

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Loot Boxes are often found in video games and are used to create more excitement within gameplay. The Loot Boxes contain a mystery prize and can be purchased or won within the game. Despite this, this is no game for Big Eyes. Investors can win a lot of $BIG from these Loot Boxes, and Big Eyes loves to see people win, so much so that investors don’t need to purchase a Loot Box to be in with a chance to win BIG. To gain extra tokens when making a purchase, by entering the vault pin 300, investors can gain 300% Loot Boxes on top of their purchase.

For example, if a $100 investment is made, the individual can win a Saver Tin, and the total prize amount is $1000 worth of BIG, which is ten times the amount of the original investment. The more money invested, the larger the Loot Box will be. Big Eyes is always inventing new and creative ways to give back to the community.

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FightOut: Cryptos Twist On Fitness 

The FightOut presale ends at the end of March, so those considering investing in this move-to-earn platform where you can gain rewards for completing fitness tasks and exercises should do so as soon as possible. Crypto and Fitness collide in this programme, so for those who want to make extra cash or gain recognition for meeting their fitness goals, this is the platform for you.

The players are required to maintain their NFTs to compete in these competitions. These NFTs come in the form of personalized avatars, and as players hit fitness milestones, their avatars gain various attributes. These avatars are ‘soulbound’ to players, so players are unable to sell them on or trade them for another.

Players earn REPs in the app, which is the currency within the application that allows people to be rewarded for their achievements, and they can spend this currency on avatar upgrades. FGHT, however, is used for maintenance of the FightOut ecosystem and can be bought on the official FightOut website.

Securedverse: Cryptos Answer To Fortnite 

We all have those nostalgic memories of games that we used to play, even though our parents would tell us not to. Games like Grand Theft Auto and Street Fighter were often seen as violent and corrupt for our young minds. However, now that we are older, it is a lot less frowned upon to be caught playing games like this. Securedverse is a first-person shooter game built on a play-to-earn ecosystem.

The game is free to play, and players can choose their hero amongst the many options as well as their gun of choice. The game aims to be the last one standing to win the game. It is similar to the game Fortnite, but blockchain technology allows Securedverse to have many benefits that Fortnite doesn’t have. Blockchain technology allows players to have full ownership of their economies and items they earn within the game. Players are also rewarded with the SVC token when they climb up the leaderboard and participate in different game modes.

The Securedverse goal is to revolutionize the play-to-earn system and help players create a passive income source through gameplay.

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Big Eyes Coin (BIG):

Presale: https://buy.bigeyes.space/

Website: https://bigeyes.space/

Telegram: https://t.me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL

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