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Bitget crypto-exchange with BitKeep to host airdrop of “Sui Futures”

Bitget crypto exchange together with BitKeep introduce the Sui ecosystem and host the airdrop of Sui Futures (SUIBG).

Bitget crypto-exchange together with BitKeep to introduce the Sui ecosystem

Well-known crypto-exchange Bitget teams up with BitKeep to present the Sui ecosystem and host the Sui Futures airdrop. 

Sui is a permissionless layer 1 blockchain using the Move programming language, which grew out of Facebook’s Diem project.

Bitget and the BitKeep multichain crypto wallet are leading the campaign to promote the entire Sui ecosystem, as well as the Sui Futures airdrop (SUIBG) for users trading on BitKeep Wallet.

Thus, users will be able to access the SUIBG airdrop by completing the token swap or NFT transaction on any chain on BitKeep, except for the Arbitrum blockchain. Not only that, SUIBG holders will be able to exchange them for the official Sui token.

SUIBG rewards range from 1 SUIBG for exchanging tokens and NFTs worth $100 to as many as 1,000 SUIBG for transactions over $100,000, with intermediate increments based on total transaction volume.

Crypto-exchange joins BitKeep’s campaign

Bitget has taken over the campaign to promote Sui along with BitKeep, which already has partnerships with several high-level DeFi protocols.

In practice, BitKeep has included such protocols in its integrated dApp explorer, providing users with resources and traffic visibility for dApp ecosystem aggregation, on-chain asset exchange, data analytics, non-fungible token (NFT) trading, and more.

Now together with Bitget, the airdrop campaign for the Sui Futures SUIBG token becomes a credential of the official Sui token jointly issued by BitKeep and Bitget.

By completing the corresponding activities and holding SUIBG, users secure their eligibility to exchange SUIBG for official Sui tokens in the future.

The listing of CryptoGPT (GPT)

Recently, Bitget also made headlines for announcing the listing of CryptoGPT (GPT) in the AI area of the platform’s spot market. 

Basically, starting 10 March, Bitget opened the gates to deposits and then trading for CryptoGPT. Not only that, three hours after the launch, GPT spot grid trading and spot margin trading were also launched. 

CryptoGPT is a Layer 2 Ethereum-based blockchain solution that aims to revolutionize the artificial intelligence and data market. Ultimately, Crypto GPT is a blockchain protocol designed precisely for the AI revolution.

The AI crypto has also gained a lot of attention due to its unique features such as the AI-to-Earn functionality that has become the key component of Crypto GPT’s marketing plan.


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Stefania Stimolo
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