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Italy: Binance Gift Cards for buying crypto at tobacco shops coming soon

Binance is partnering with MrPay to launch Binance Gift Cards: a new way to buy crypto directly from offline retailers, such as tobacconists and kiosks.

Italy: new Binance Gift Cards enable crypto purchases at 5,000 tobacco shops

Leading crypto-exchange Binance has partnered in Italy with MrPay, a payments aggregator specializing in phone top-ups, bill payments, and cryptocurrency sales.

The new partnership has resulted in Binance Gift Cards, the new format that users can use to buy crypto from offline retailers, such as tobacco shops and kiosks associated with MrPay.

Changpeng CZ Zhao, CEO of Binance, shared the news on Twitter:

Essentially, Italian users can pay in cash or via Visa and Mastercard and win their own Binance Gift Card to spend on crypto purchases. At the moment, the new Binance Gift Card format is available in 5,000 outlets spread throughout Italy. The goal is to have 15,000 such retailers become offline within a year.

About the Binance and MrPay partnership, Lorenzo Capone, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Binance Italy said:

“Thanks to the partnership with MrPay we can take a step forward and bring cryptocurrencies closer to users’ physical experience, offering a beneficial solution to convert their fiat money into crypto while giving them the opportunity to give an original gift with our Binance Gift Cards. 

Cryptocurrencies are a huge opportunity, we would like to emphasize as always the importance of doing research and getting informed before diving into the world of digital assets.”

Italy: how do the new Binance Gift Cards work?

The new Binance Gift Card represents a prepaid voucher that enables the exchange from fiat money to cryptocurrencies.

It is a true bridge between the Web3 and the physical experience. Not only that, it can also be used to give away cryptocurrencies in an innovative way.

And indeed, all the user has to do is select the amount in euros, and upon entering the money in cash or through cards at ATMs, the user will receive a 16-digit code in the pin-on-receipt format to redeem. By entering the pin on the Binance website or the Binance Gift Card mobile app, it will then be possible to top up cryptocurrencies in one’s wallet.

The new gift cards are available at points of sale with AM vending machines and Buy crypto stickers, in which the Binance Gift Card logo will be featured. In addition, when looking at the vending machine, the Binance Gift Card will be visible under the “Cryptocurrency” category.

Massimo Palmieri, Product Manager of MrPay also commented as follows:

“We believe in innovation and digitalization, which is why our goal is to grow together with our customers so that they can benefit from the advantages of online and new technologies. For us, crypto is one more step into the future, so we are happy to start this partnership with Binance to make it easier for everyone to access this world.”

43% of Italian crypto holders are women

Recently, a study by Triple-A showed that women make up one-third of the total number of Italian cryptocurrency holders. To be exact, women account for 43% of crypto holders in Italy. 

This is a true Italian record compared to female participation in the crypto world in other European countries.

And indeed, the study reveals that the United Kingdom counts on 40% female crypto holders, followed by France with 30% and Germany with 26%.

Not only that, it also seems that in Italy cryptocurrencies are the second favorite investment after bank deposits, such as savings accounts.

This choice of the crypto world over traditional finance can be explained precisely by the wide range of tools available for diverse investors and the growing number of women-led organizations in the sector.


Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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