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Ledger launches Nano “Gold Standard” wallets

A new limited edition of the Ledger Nano and NanoX, called the “Gold Standard,” was unveiled yesterday.

It is a collaboration with Gasoline by artist and company founder Mason Rothschild.

Mason Rothschild and the new “Gold Standard” Ledger Nano

Mason Rothschild redefined the roadmap of art on blockchain and what NFTs were initially meant to represent, extending the designer-consumer relationship into something tangible, lasting and real to generate brand loyalty.

He was also the co-founder of Terminal 27, a concept store that brings together designers and creatives in fashion, music, technology, architecture and food. Terminal 27 was later voted the best fashion boutique in America by Vogue.

Mason has since gained notoriety for projects such as his “Art School Dropout” t-shirt collection, MetaBirkins NFT and, most recently, a collection of digital collectibles commissioned by the Scope Art Fair Miami.


Gasoline is an on-chain creative studio that serves as a business solution for

creatives seeking to enter the metaverse. It is a new platform that aims to enable the creation of a new generation of works.

Indeed, it aims to challenge standards in new and creative ways, and will work closely with MoonPay, CAA, FazeClan, Terminal and others, with the goal of introducing new artists and creators to the Web3 industry.

Nano Ledger

The Nano Ledger, on the other hand, is the most widely used crypto hardware wallet in the world, and is no stranger to collaborations with other brands.

The collaboration with Rothschild contrasts security with an inspiring approach to value. The Gasoline Nanos, co-branded with Ledger, feature a gold design, and only 13 will be created for first sale to the public, each in a unique coloration on the gold theme, including white gold and rose gold.

As Ledger Nano S Plus and NanoX are widely the most widely used cold wallets in the world, providing a high level of protection for cryptocurrencies, they are now being proposed as the “new gold standard” for crypto self-storage.

Mason Rothschild said:

“We wanted to create something that was flashy and statement-making to reflect the concept of the Burn, while also making a clear statement about why Ledger is the ultimate in security and reliability. 

This is my business art at its best – taking an iconic product and infusing it with meaning, then tossing gasoline on it while I flick a match to let it burn in conversation. Working with Ledger on this project was a true pleasure. 

They were the perfect collaborator, giving me the freedom to unleash my creative genius in the design of this Nano. The Gasoline Nanos will be a real talking point among crypto-holders and collectors alike.”


Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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