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3rd Annual Middle East Wealth Tech Forum

Wealth Tech Forum

We are excited to announce that the 3rd Annual Wealth Tech Forum and Awards 2023 is back. The global wealth management industry, along with many other sectors, is embarking on its journey toward digitalization and overall technology integration. With millennials and Gen Z investors set to inherit approx. USD53 trillion over the next 20 years, firms that focus on building relationships with clients’ potential inheritors, leverage client insights, and understand trends to inform product and service offerings will stand to benefit in the current environment.

The Wealth Tech Forum will bring together leading wealth managers, investors, and technology companies to discuss the tectonic changes shaping the wealth management industry as they know it. The industry is setting its sights on the future, bringing a new generation of wealth and talent with new demands and expectations. Join us as we discuss and debate the emerging challenges, opportunities, and risks.The event will take place on May 3rd – 4th, 2023, in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.


Wealth Tech Forum