Bitget: the crypto exchange and new roadmap with Bitkeep
Bitget: the crypto exchange and new roadmap with Bitkeep

Bitget: the crypto exchange and new roadmap with Bitkeep

By Thuy Dung - 29 Mar 2023

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Crypto exchange Bitget recently announced a $30 million investment in BitKeep, a leading non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet.

This investment led Bitget to become the controlling shareholder of BitKeep, preparing a new roadmap for the year 2023.

The roadmap includes rebranding the DeFi wallet to Bitget Wallet, and updating the logo, app, and website to make them visually more consistent with the Bitget ecosystem. It undoubtedly represents an exciting development for the cryptocurrency industry.

How does BitKeep’s decentralized crypto wallet work

BitKeep is a decentralized wallet that provides a complete crypto management solution. With a user base of over 9.5 million worldwide, it offers a wide range of services, including an integrated NFT marketplace, wallet function, swap services, DApp browser and Launchpad.

As a multi-chain platform, BitKeep supports more than 255,400 types of cryptocurrencies on more than 90 chains, including popular ones such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Fantom and Solana.

The platform’s all-in-one solution makes it easier for users to manage their digital assets without the need for multiple wallets. It is highly regarded in the industry and has surpassed MetaMask to become the highest rated wallet on Google Play globally.

BitKeep also has a significant presence in North America, Europe and Asia, covering 168 countries in total.

One of BitKeep’s most attractive features is its integrated NFT marketplace, which allows users to exchange and manage their non-fungible tokens flawlessly. The platform also provides a secure and reliable trading experience for its users, ensuring that their digital assets are always safe and accessible.

In addition to its wallet and trading functions, BitKeep also offers a DApp browser and Launchpad, making it a bastion for all things related to decentralized applications.

This functionality allows users to explore new decentralized applications and participate in blockchain-based projects, all from the BitKeep platform.

As a multi-chain platform, BitKeep provides users with a wide range of options for managing their digital assets. With support for more than 90 chains, users can easily manage and trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies, making it an ideal platform for both new and experienced cryptocurrency traders.

Overall, BitKeep’s comprehensive digital asset management solution, including its integrated NFT marketplace, wallet function, swap services, dApp browser, and Launchpad, make it a popular choice for cryptocurrency users worldwide.

With its reliable and secure trading experience and support for more than 90 chains, BitKeep is well positioned to remain a leader in the cryptocurrency wallet market.

But why did BitKeep choose Bitget?

The answer is simple: Bitget is an established company in the cryptocurrency industry, with extensive experience in building robust and secure trading platforms. This expertise has been extended to building an updated security infrastructure for BitKeep’s wallet, with the goal of improving security and stability for its users.

Despite the investment, BitKeep will continue to operate as an independent entity both operationally and structurally, still offering a wide range of services, including storage, exchange, NFT marketplace, and more.

In summary, BitKeep chose Bitget because of its established experience in the cryptocurrency industry and its ability to build robust and secure trading platforms. Through the collaboration, BitKeep will be able to improve the security and stability of its wallet and still offer high-quality services to its users.

The goals of BitKeep’s restructuring project with crypto exchange Bitget

One of the main goals of the roadmap is to improve the security of the BitKeep wallet. BitKeep is using Bitget’s expertise to upgrade its security infrastructure.

This includes a more rigorous pre-release review process, partnerships with security audit companies such as Certik, and the inclusion of MD5 verification for APK packages. In addition, BitKeep wallet users will be protected by the $300 million Bitget User Protection Fund in case of potential security threats in the future.

The roadmap also includes plans for a more product-focused team, with Karry Cheung, BitKeep’s current Chief Product Officer, becoming CEO. Several Bitget team members will also join BitKeep’s R&D and security teams to improve service stability and wallet security.

BitKeep aims to deepen its involvement in the MPC and AA sectors, as well as develop Web3 DID-related features and support the ZK-Rollup ecosystem.

Moka Han, Chief Operating Officer of BitKeep, expressed confidence in BitKeep’s ability to compete in the global market by offering quality services and functionality. Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget, hopes to bring DeFi, swaps, NFT market and dApp functionality to millions of users in the Bitget ecosystem, inspiring the next billion individuals to embrace cryptocurrencies.

The Bitget exchange and BitKeep mark the future of the crypto industry

Overall, Bitget’s investment in BitKeep marks an exciting development for the cryptocurrency industry. The collaboration between two leading players in the industry will likely lead to the creation of new and innovative products and services that will benefit the entire ecosystem. This collaboration is the result of a shared vision for the expansion and evolution of the crypto ecosystem.

BitKeep’s rebranding, security focus, and product-centric approach are all positive signs that suggest the wallet is committed to offering high-quality services.  Together, BitKeep and Bitget are working to create a more secure and reliable cryptocurrency ecosystem that offers a full range of services.

In fact, the future of the crypto industry, will increasingly be driven by the adoption of innovative technologies, and this collaboration is an example of how innovation and a commitment to providing high-quality services can create a more reliable and accessible cryptocurrency ecosystem for all users.


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