News and market prices of the crypto assets Velo (VELO), Cardano (ADA) and CryptoGPT (GPT)
News and market prices of the crypto assets Velo (VELO), Cardano (ADA) and CryptoGPT (GPT)

News and market prices of the crypto assets Velo (VELO), Cardano (ADA) and CryptoGPT (GPT)

By Andrea Porcelli - 31 Mar 2023

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In this article, we will look at market price analysis and the latest news in the crypto world, in particular, we will take a closer look at the three crypto tokens: Velo (VELO), Cardano (ADA) and CryptoGPT (GPT):

Among the new features we will see is the entry of the GPT token into the Bitget exchange and the news that Cardano users will soon be able to access Ethereum dApps directly from ADA wallets.

But let’s start with prices first, taking a precise look at who has performed positively and who has performed negatively over the past month.

The prices of VELO, ADA and GPT crypto assets

We begin by saying that we are talking about three different tokens, with completely separate projects behind them. The projects originated in different periods, in completely opposite cycles.

By analyzing market movements, we can say that the three cryptocurrencies follow their own trends, depending on what the trends of the moment are. We can therefore justify the different performance of them.

Going into the details of the three performances we can see a disproportionate increase of the CryptoGPT token (GPT) with a price increase in the last month of about 96%.

A very large increase, but justified by the huge trend that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is experiencing. The price of the GPT token is currently at $0.0832, and has increased 105% since the token’s launch date.

At the moment, as it is only two months old, it is not possible to calculate the market capitalization, but we can calculate the volume of the cryptocurrency in the last 24 hours, which is $6.1 million.

Continuing with the positive performance, the crypto Cardano (ADA) has had a price increase of about 15% in the last month, a sign of a great recovery for one of the best projects around.

Analyzing market statistics we can see that the market capitalization is $13.4 billion, with a trading volume in the last 24 hours of $335.6 million.

In the ranking by popularity, the cryptocurrency is in fifth position. Even though it is far from its all-time high of $3.10, at the moment the price of Cardano is US$0.39 and is rebounding strongly after a dark period.

The circulating supply is 34.7 billion ADA.

We now turn to the worst performance of the three cryptocurrencies that of the VELO token.

The cryptocurrency has experienced a price drop of -28% in the last month alone, all in the face of a year that can be described as disastrous.

Market statistics explain that the market capitalization is $34.8 billion, with a 24-hour trading volume of $13.2 million. At present, Velo’s project does not present any new features or implementations to the project.

CryptoGPT listed on the Bitget exchange

Bitget, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, recently made a big announcement: it will list CryptoGPT (GPT) in the AI area of the spot market. This move is significant not only for Bitget and CryptoGPT, but for the entire cryptocurrency industry.

According to Gracy Chen, CEO of Bitget, the combination of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology has transformative power that can have a significant impact on many industries, including cryptocurrencies.

By including CryptoGPT in its platform, Bitget demonstrates its commitment to embracing this trend and supporting innovative approaches to decentralized finance.

CryptoGPT is an ecosystem dedicated to artificial intelligence development and data monetization.

The platform leverages cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, machine learning, and big data analytics to enable developers to create AI applications and data owners to monetize their data.

In this way, CryptoGPT aims to create a more open, transparent and equitable ecosystem for AI development and data monetization.

CryptoGPT’s pricing on Bitget’s platform is significant because it provides a platform for ecosystem growth and expansion.

It also provides an opportunity for investors to participate in CryptoGPT’s growth potential. Bitget is one of the most trusted and respected cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, with an easy-to-use platform, advanced security measures, and a wide range of trading tools and features.

Bitget’s decision to list CryptoGPT in the AI area of the spot market highlights the importance of artificial intelligence in the cryptocurrency industry.

The use of AI technology can help improve the efficiency, security, and transparency of cryptocurrency trading, making it a more attractive and accessible option for investors.

Overall, CryptoGPT’s listing on Bitget’s platform is a positive development for the cryptocurrency industry.

It demonstrates the potential of AI and blockchain technology to transform the industry and create new opportunities for innovation and growth. With Bitget’s support, CryptoGPT has the potential to become a leading platform for AI development and data monetization in the decentralized financial space.

The news about Cardano

Cardano announced that its users will soon be able to access decentralized Ethereum applications (dApps) directly from their ADA wallets.

This development is made possible by a new feature of Milkomeda, an EVM-compatible network, which will go live in the coming weeks.

This integration between Cardano and Ethereum is a significant step toward interoperability of blockchain networks. It will allow Cardano users to access a wider range of dApps and take advantage of the benefits offered by Ethereum’s decentralized applications.

Milkomeda, a project that aims to bring Ethereum-compatible smart contracts to Cardano, has been working on this integration for some time.

The feature will allow Cardano to interact with the Ethereum ecosystem through a bridge connecting the two networks, making it possible for Cardano users to use dApps built on Ethereum.

The integration is expected to benefit both Cardano and Ethereum users. Cardano users will be able to access a wider range of dApps, including decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, while Ethereum users will be able to take advantage of the security and scalability benefits of the Cardano network.

This development is significant for Cardano, as it strengthens its position as a viable alternative to Ethereum. Cardano is gaining popularity in the blockchain space due to its focus on scalability, interoperability and sustainability. By allowing its users to access Ethereum’s dApps, Cardano takes a significant step toward becoming a more versatile and useful blockchain platform.

The move is also useful to the broader blockchain community. It shows that different blockchain networks can work together to create a more interconnected and interoperable ecosystem.

As blockchain technology continues to evolve, interoperability will become increasingly important, and this integration is an important step toward achieving that goal.

The integration between Cardano and Ethereum represents a significant development for both blockchain networks. The ability to access Ethereum dApps directly from ADA wallets will be a game changer for Cardano users, who will benefit from the wider range of applications available on the Ethereum network.

This development also demonstrates the importance of interoperability in the blockchain space and sets a positive precedent for future collaboration between different blockchain networks.


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