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Why DigiToads (TOADS) and Algorand (ALGO) the Perfect Additions to Your Crypto Portfolio in 2023


As of November 2022, there were more than 21,000 cryptocurrencies to buy. However, as the cold crypto winter ended and 2023 brought a ray of hope leading to a new beginning for all things crypto, the list of cryptocurrencies to buy has become broader. 

Yet, even with the ever growing crypto market, only a few currencies make it to the list of best coins to invest in, seeking the recognition and hype they deserve. DigiToads and Algorand are some popular names among such best cryptos of 2023. 

What is DigiToads (TOADS)?

DigiToads is the latest meme crypto to buy for solid investment returns in 2023. This unique and innovative project is designed to be both a play-to-earn and a stake-to-earn platform, promoting its coin $TOADS. What makes DigiToads stand out in the ever-growing and competitive crypto market is the toad mascot, a unique representative meme of the coin. This mascot, combined with stake-to-earn and play-to-earn, has made DigiToads a trending memecoin in the market and credible crypto. Adding more to it, DigiToads introduces unique and exciting features like: 

Platinum Toads:

DigiToads is a cryptocurrency for beginners in the trading niche, introducing exciting trading competitions for its investors. And what do the winners of these monthly competitions get? The chance to add a Platinum Toad to their portfolio. 

Using these Platinum Toads, winners can access 1/12th of the TOADS treasury, where winners can trade for the community and enjoy 10% of the profit. If you’re a complete beginner in trading, DigiToads also introduces the Toad School, which gives training to learn cryptocurrency trading for beginners. 

NFT Staking Pool: 

For all the investors seeking passive income opportunities by investing in popular NFTs, DigiToads lets you stake your TOAD NFTs. So all its investors and collectors can benefit from their TOAD NFTs by staking them and seeking $TOADS as rewards. The platform sources these rewards using 2% of the collected taxes through $TOAD transactions. 

The Toad-Cade P2E Game:

For all pet lovers, DigiToads brings taking care and bringing up a pet to the metaverse in the form of a P2E game. Players can breed, feed, and train their toads in this game. But there’s no fun without a battle in a game, right? So with your toads, you can also participate in battles during the Toad-Cade seasons. At the end of every season, the top 25% winners of these battles will be rewarded 50% of the project’s profit. 

Successful Presale and Strong Community: 

The innovative project model of DigiToads has paved the way for DigiToads to succeed in the ongoing presale of $TOADS and a strong community with more than 15,000 followers only on Twitter. Currently, the project is in its 4th stage of the presale with 1 $TOADS available for $0.02 and has raised more than $1.4M in funds.

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What is Algorand (ALGO)? 

Algorand is a decentralized, open-source blockchain network that uses a two-tiered structure and a unique form of the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus process. The platform distributes validator awards to all holders of its native ALGO cryptocurrency via its PoS method. 

This decentralized network intends to provide its community speed, security, and decentralization for blockchain-based transactions. Furthermore, Algorand can address the high-throughput requirements of extensive worldwide usage and a range of use cases due to its great throughput capacity and equitable community incentivization.

What Makes Algorand (ALGO) a Credible Crypto? 

Currently, Algorand offers its users hosting dApp development and scalability solutions. Now with the rising gas fees of other dApp development platforms like Ethereum, many dApp developers and DeFi traders have opted for Algorand as an alternative blockchain solution. As a result, Algorand is making its place stronger in the blockchain industry as one of the best DeFi platforms in the market.

Moreover, being one of the top crypto coins available today, the market capitalization of ALGO, according to CoinMarketCap, is $1.6 billion. Furthermore, ALGO is ranked as the 40th best cryptocurrency to invest in. 


With new crypto projects setting foot in the crypto world every day, industry experts believe that DigiToads and Algorand are the new crypto trend of 2023. So for all those investors planning to benefit from the rising crypto market and strengthen their portfolios, these are the best cryptos for you to collect in 2023. 

For More Information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.

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