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Buy Bitcoin for Under $15K, with this New Exchange!


Currently we’re seeing a crypto regulatory crackdown, and exchanges, in jurisdictions around the world, are coming under scrutiny, regarding the safety of user funds and the reliability, transparency and security of their business practices.

It is becoming increasingly important to choose a trustworthy exchange that abides by the strictest regulatory protocols that can offer both profitability and peace of mind. In this respect, one provider stands out from the crowd. 

ArbiSmart is a reputable, well-established, EU authorized and registered, financial services platform, which is now offering a new  exchange service, with never-before-seen features that are changing the crypto trading landscape.

Buy Crypto and FIAT for Half the Market Price 

ArbiSmart supports 30 different FIAT and cryptocurrencies, from BTC, ETH, USDT, and DOGE to EUR, GBP and USD.  When you buy currency via the ArbiSmart dashboard, you can choose to benefit from the purchase reward feature, enjoying as much as a 50% discount on the purchase, so long as certain terms are met.


All terms are laid out in advance of making the purchase, as soon as a currency is chosen. You can then pick which percentage discount you want based on the related conditions. 

The Conditions for Receiving a Discount 

Discounts on currency purchases range between 10% and 50% and require a vesting period – a hold on the purchased funds for a set time before they can be withdrawn. 

A higher discount percentage will be offered the more currency is purchased and the longer the vesting period.

In certain cases, other terms may also apply.  There could be a minimum purchase amount, or you may be required to lock a certain amount of RBIS, ArbiSmart’s native token, for the duration of the vesting period. 



If you choose to take advantage of a 25% discount when buying $2,000 worth of Bitcoin, while you will only pay $1,500 on the purchase, the full $2,000 worth of BTC will immediately be credited to your account. However, the $2K worth of Bitcoin will only become available for withdrawal once the vesting period is over.


How to Increase the Profit from Your Bitcoin

At the end of the vesting period, you can choose to withdraw your Bitcoin or you can decide to  sell your Bitcoin via the ArbiSmart exchange. All cryptocurrencies can be sold for triple the market price, except for RBIS, which can be sold for 10 times the market value. For crypto sales, where the sale reward feature is chosen, the vesting period is always 24-months and there is a minimum sale amount, which differs for each asset. 

Alternatively, you can  choose to place your Bitcoin in an ArbiSmart wallet savings plan. ArbiSmart offers up to 49% a year on all supported FIAT and cryptocurrencies, other than RBIS, the native token on which interest rates reach as high as 147% a year.


Interest is paid out daily and the precise rate you receive will depend on your account level, the savings plan currency and balance size, the method for receiving interest, and the duration of the savings plan contract, which can range from as short as 1 month to as long as 5 years.  

Ready to get 50% off your next Bitcoin purchase?

 Buy crypto and FIAT now! 

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