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Revolut launches fractional ETF trading in Europe accessible to all

Revolut‘s financial app has announced the trading launch of ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) trading in the European Economic Area.

Customers will be able to trade up to 100 ETFs with a minimum of 1 euro.

Revolut and fractional ETF trading: up to 100 Exchange Traded Funds with a minimum of €1

Revolut, the financial app with over 29 million customers worldwide, has announced the launch of ETFs for all its customers in the European Economic Area.

Thanks to a new partnership with Upvest, a Berlin-based fintech specialising in scalable investment APIs, Revolut’s customers can participate in the new fractional ETF trading service.

As of today, Revolut clients in Europe can trade up to 100 ETFs with a minimum investment of just EUR 1. 

This means that investing in Revolut ETFs is now accessible to everyone. Simply click on the ‘shares’ function in the Revolut hub and move the money you want to invest in ETFs. 

The app also allows users to track the performance of their ETFs in real time with watchlists, trading charts and market news. Depending on the plan, clients can also execute 1 (Standard), 3 (Plus), 5 (Premium) or 10 (Metal) free trades per month. 

Once the free limit is exceeded, a variable commission of 0.25% (minimum 1 Euro) is charged on each trade. Revolut also charges a custody fee of 0.12% per annum of the market value of the user’s assets, charged monthly.

Revolut and the launch of ETFs to diversify market exposure

With the introduction of ETF trading, Revolut aims to offer its clients the opportunity to diversify their market exposure. 

These funds invest in a wide range of securities, such as stocks or bonds, and save customers a lot of time and money compared to investing in each individual security. ETFs are an attractive solution for clients who want to invest for the long term and do not want to get too personally involved in trading.

In the specific case of Revolut, ETF coverage focuses on emerging sectors such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, hydrogen and big data. 

It also covers established sectors such as gaming, forestry, electric vehicles, clean energy and cloud computing, as well as traditional industries such as technology, healthcare, energy, travel and leisure and biotechnology. 

The offering will cover most global indices, including the S&P 500, NASDAQ, DAX and FTSE. Users will be able to diversify their portfolios by investing in ETFs covering not only equities, but also bonds and commodities.

Revolut teams up with Upvest to launch ETF trading

Revolut’s new partner Upvest has been chosen by the app as the infrastructure to offer ETFs to its customers. 

Rolandas Juteika, Head of Wealth and Trading SEE at Revolut, said:

“Our goal is to further expand our Wealth & Trading offering. The launch of ETFs follows the successful launch of Revolut Securities Europe UAB and the expansion of US listed equities across the EEA last March. 

In addition, we will soon launch a full range of other investment products, including EEA listed equities, investment funds, bonds, robo-advisor services and a more sophisticated trading platform for experienced traders.

When looking at possible partners to offer our European clients access to ETFs, European listed equities and other trading products, Upvest was our choice. They provided the infrastructure that allowed us to offer ETFs to our clients within a short timeframe, immediately after the launch of our EEA trading entity”.

Martin Kassing, CEO and co-founder of Upvest, also commented:

With our Investment API, it has never been easier to offer investment products across Europe and give our clients maximum freedom to tailor the API to their needs.

Revolut is one of the largest neobanks in the world and selects only the best providers. We are delighted to be working with them. This partnership marks a new chapter for our company”.

Support for crypto tax returns

Recently, Revolut also launched crypto tax filing support for its customers in partnership with Koinly. 

In practice, the global financial app has chosen Koinly as a platform that offers globally recognised tax services. As a result, Revolut’s customers can now access a service that makes everything related to tax and crypto much simpler and less stressful. 

Revolut users can generate tax reports for all needs related to cryptocurrencies held within the app, but also in other wallets and trading platforms.

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