3xpl – the fastest universal block explorer
3xpl – the fastest universal block explorer

3xpl – the fastest universal block explorer

By Cryptonomist Editorial Staff - 22 May 2023

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3xpl (short for 3xplor3r) is a super-fast ad-free universal explorer for most popular public blockchains. It offers an easy-to-understand block explorer interface for ordinary crypto users, as well as lots of professional features.

As a blockchain explorer, 3xpl provides its users with interfaces to look up their transactions and wallet addresses. Besides the web interface, to connect with the more traditional world, it’s also possible to obtain PDF transaction receipts and wallet statements.

For power users, developers, analysts, and academia, 3xpl has even more: JSON and WebSocket API to build apps, ClickHouse API to run analytical SQL queries, and downloadable database dumps to work with blockchain data locally.

Supported blockchains

As of May 2023, the following 12 blockchains are supported: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Arbitrum One, Bitcoin Cash, BNB, Cardano, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Polkadot, Polygon, TON, Zcash.

The bold aim is to support at least top 50 blockchains.

Truly universal

Most explorers support 3-4 blockchains at most or a single architecture. For example, Blockchain.com features Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash only, while Etherscan’s family of explorers supports EVM chains like Ethereum and BNB.

3xpl’s aim is to support as many blockchains as possible under a single interface and a single data format. This allows users to find their addresses and transactions without the need of switching context. The universal search bar allows to search all blockchains at once.

Blazingly fast

3xpl has been built to become the fastest blockchain explorer by combining a speedy database architecture and a responsive web interface. Everything unnecessary is removed: no useless animations and distracting ads.

Most pages load in 100 milliseconds at most. Once you click on any link on 3xpl – you instantly get a response. All this while adding more than 100 million new blockchain events every day!


All the popular block explorers, including Blockchain.com, Etherscan, use advertising as their primary source of revenue. Remember these “Win 100 ETH” and “Double your bitcoins!” ads? 3xpl doesn’t have them!

By using 3xpl as their block explorer, app and website developers can guarantee that their users will not be exposed to fraudulent ads, ensuring users’ safety and security.


Block explorers and their advertising partners tend to track users in order to maximize their profits. When an ad network or Google Analytics is used, explorers leak which users see which transactions, thus, making it possible to connect users with their transactions and wallet balances.

3xpl takes privacy seriously and doesn’t have any 3rd party code on its pages. For maximum privacy, 3xpl offers an Onion hidden service on the Tor network. 3xpl can work without JavaScript being enabled.

Open-source & verifiable

One of the distinctive advantages of 3xpl over other explorers is that its core is open-source. 

Being open-source means that 3xpl’s data is verifiable: anyone can run 3xpl’s code and get the same block data as displayed on explorers.

It also allows 3xpl to grow faster and develop its explorers more efficiently as open code allows receiving input from crypto communities.


In addition to being an ad-free block explorer, 3xpl also supports academic and non-commercial research by providing free access to its data features.

This allows researchers and students to study and analyze blockchain data without any financial barriers, promoting development and innovation in the field.

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