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The Nemesis metaverse launches NEMS token: price skyrockets

It’s official: The Nemesis metaverse has finally launched its NEMS token, whose price after 24 hours went from $0.20 to $2.27, marking a +2170% according to data provided by Btcex.com.

The news is reported by The Nemesis’ official Twitter account: 

What is the NEMS token launched by The Nemesis metaverse? 

The Nemesis Metaverse in collaboration with Coinbar introduced on 8 May its new ERC-20 payment token: NEMS. The token aims to introduce new possibilities for NFT users and holders. 

In fact, they will be able to purchase NEMS on renowned exchanges where it is listed and use it to buy items on the upcoming Marketplace, or even exchange the in-game currency COINS for NEMS and other currencies.

In other words, the launch of the NEMS token marks another significant milestone, along with the upcoming public sale of their third collection of NFTs: lands, toward the realization of a full-fledged platform for playing and earning.

In fact, among the various purposes of The Nemesis Metaverse is the realization of the Play and Earn concept, on which the platform is based, allowing users to earn money by playing. 

All phases of the NEMS token launch price

With the launch of the new NEMS token, The Nemesis Metaverse wanted to reward its community by offering an exclusive pre-launch opportunity at an extraordinary price of only $0.15 per NEMS token, exclusively on the Coinbar exchange. 

In this way, only holders of utility NFTs of The Nemesis could purchase it. It is worth noting that the operation was very successful, selling out in less than 24 hours.

In any case, NEMS’ journey continued with its launch on Cryptosmart on 10 May, available to all users at the same price, but with a minimum package of $200 and an extra NEMS reward for purchase. 

Then, on 20 May, the NEMS token was made public with a TGE (Token Generation Event) on the well-known exchanges BTCEX and UNISWAP. In addition, in the following weeks, it will be available on other major exchanges as outlined in The Nemesis Metaverse roadmap, such as BingX and BitMart


As can be seen, providing users with a myriad of choices and opportunities seems to be essential for The Nemesis. In fact, the following can be read on the official website: 

“We understand the importance of providing different earning possibilities and the freedom to trade NEMS according to individual preferences. As the 1st Metaverse Platform ranked in the top 20 Web3 Virtual Worlds by Metaversed, The Nemesis aims to deliver an unmatched platform experience, offering a comprehensive Play to Earn system.”

What can be done with the new Metaverse token? 

As is well known, the metaverse, while not without its critics and perplexities, does indeed offer endless possibilities. 

As such, with the new NEMS token users will have the opportunity to purchase NFT Lands (now available at a 50% discount if you have a Companion) and NFT Collections

These are digital pieces of real estate in The Nemesis Metaverse where users can build their own unique and personal worlds. 

However, it doesn’t end there, because with the upcoming Marketplace, you will also have the ability to trade COINS for NEMS and even purchase resources to customize your Metaverse or exclusive skins for your avatars. 

In essence, whatever the user’s purpose is, whether it is to make money or invest in their business or project within one or more territories, NEMS will make sure to be an indispensable resource. 

Finally, their diversity and uniqueness from the many tokens that orbit the crypto world is highlighted on The Nemesis website: 

“What sets us apart from other platforms is that The Nemesis is not simply a crypto platform; we are a metaverse platform built on a circular ecosystem. Our NFTs contain game and platform utilities, and over time, as we introduce AI-powered enhancements, their value will continue to grow as our brand itself grows.”

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