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Tron DAO collaborates with Nansen to get in-depth data on the crypto

Tron DAO has joined forces with Nansen, a leading provider of blockchain data and research, and users can now get data and analysis on crypto and its ecosystem.

Here is an overview of Tron (TRON)

Tron and Nansen’s crypto data: 7 million daily transactions in the past two months

The blockchain data and research provider, Nansen, announced its partnership with Tron DAO, and released analytics related to the Tron ecosystem. 

In a roundup of tweets, Nansen described some of the strengths of the Tron ecosystem, specifying that due to its low fees and speed of transactions, the blockchain has been chosen by users to transfer Tether (USDT)

And indeed, Nansen points out that 40% of the activity on the Tron network is precisely transactions of USDT, the TRC-20 token

This has resulted in the Tron blockchain processing more than 7 million daily transactions in the past two months, far surpassing Ethereum, which handled only 1 million.

Not only that, the blockchain founded by Justin Sun has over 1.5 million unique active addresses per day, which puts it well above popular chains such as Ethereum, Solana and Arbitrum.

Tron and Nansen: who is the blockchain and crypto data provider?

The provider of blockchain and crypto data chosen by Tron DAO, Nansen, offers a powerful suite of analytics tools that no one else has, remarkably fast.

And indeed, Nansen processes more than 500 TB per day, labeling more than 250 million addresses on more than 16 blockchains, representing over 80% of all on-chain volume. 

Its products can increase users’ knowledge tenfold while reducing their workload. 

Nansen Query is a powerful, code-free cryptocurrency analysis tool built for the most ambitious customers, offering exclusive access to professional analysis and an exclusive community for networking with other cryptocurrency leaders. 

Furthermore, Nansen Query enables programmatic analysis of blockchain data with SQL and APIs on over 15 chains and cryptocurrency monitoring on over 45 chains, all in a single interface.

Users can then access the Nansen Pro dashboard to view a complete overview of TRON, so they can get all the real-time on-chain information.

Tron and Justin Sun also sued by the US SEC

Among the crypto news of the past two months is the lawsuit against Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, by the US SEC for allegedly offering and selling TRX tokens as unregistered securities. 

Much like Ripple (XRP), the first crypto company to be indicted by the SEC for the same reason in a lawsuit that began in 2020, TRX is now apparently also under indictment. 

On top of that, Binance.US has announced the delisting of TRX from its platform, on the grounds that the crypto does not meet the high standards of the US version of the crypto-exchange. 

However, amid all this, Sun seems to be more interested in looking for other places in the world that are favorable to Web3 expansion, rather than fighting against the “confusing regulation” in the US. 

And indeed, Sun has shown interest in Hong Kong, even as compared to Singapore. 

TRX’s price recovery

Over the past month, the price of Tron (TRX) appears to have recovered its way, registering a completely bullish trend, starting from $0.066 to the current $0.078, a 17.53% pump. 

In the overall crypto ranking, Tron is the 11th crypto by market capitalization, exceeding $7 billion at the time of writing. 

The current price is still far from the all-time high recorded by TRX back in April 2021 of $0.164. Nonetheless, it is a considerable recovery that brings it back to last year’s levels, just before its significant dumps at $0.050.

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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