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Of Highs and Lows: Watch Big Eyes Coin Take Over the Market Amidst Testing Times


Amidst new development and disruption, the crypto market is not short of highs and lows. Avalanche has been at the hands of bears for quite a while now while Litecoin is showing signs of recovery from a recent dip. Meanwhile, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is preparing to take over the market after its launch, but not before enticing the crypto community one more time. Read on to know it all!

Big Eyes Coin Launching Soon

The scene is set for the launch of Big Eyes Coin (BIG), the up-and-coming feline DeFi memecoin that has whipped up a storm only in its presale stage. After an iconic presale spanning across 13 stages, the Big Eyes team has announced the date of its much-awaited launch: June 15th! But they wouldn’t launch without rewarding its community one more time-more on that in a bit.

Big Eyes has managed to collect an impressive $41 million so far. And if you’re wondering how they managed to do that, here’s how. With an ecosystem that is exempt of buying, selling and trading tax, a liquidity lock of 2 years on the initial supply for a guaranteed price surge, the Lootbox scheme with guaranteed returns-you simply can’t go wrong with Big Eyes. 

And wait till you hear of their roadmap: the NFT Space, the Sushi Crew, and their very own casino with Play-To-Earn (P2E) games that’s set to launch on August 29th. The games are playable only using BIG tokens, but anyone can convert their crypto holdings to BIG to play! Which means no additional expense required. Pretty good, right? 

Litecoin Bulls Take Over 

Buying pressure has led to bulls swing Litecoin (LTC) to its recovery after a dip. While the market sentiment is positive, there is a strong resistance zone up ahead. Indicators on the hourly chart also point towards a positive trend, while those on the daily chart seem to suggest a comeback for the AltCoin from its weekly dip.

Avalanche Falls Further

The blockchain network platform’s native token AVAX saw a dip of 5% which was then followed by an additional 1% today. The downtrend comes after a continued bearish run throughout this week. The initial goal was to make it past the $18 mark and then advance towards the $20 mark. However, currently sitting at $15.91, AVAX is standing between the $15 and $16 mark. Avalanche also reportedly lost around 40% of its trading volume.

It is only the norm for the crypto market to be subject to volatility and the current trends for Avalanche and Litecoin verify this. While AVAX has been on a downward streak from some time now, LTC has made minor gains while remaining in a dip across a week. 

Thus, it becomes a necessity for each AltCoin to focus on utility for its users, while also actively trying to expand their user base and attract investor activity. This can be done by Big Eyes through their innovative schemes and upcoming endeavors that entice users with incentives while attracting a plethora of investor interests. This makes the new feline memecoin one that’s here to stay.

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