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Experts Predict InQubeta (QUBE), Quant (QNT), and EOS (EOS) to be Among Cryptos Top Performers in 2023

InQubeta (QUBE) has already emerged as one of the top-performing altcoins in 2023 as its presale continues to draw investors from other cryptos. Quant (QNT) and EOS (EOS) are also poised to enjoy significant growth this year. 

Many cryptocurrency experts predict a significant number of altcoins will follow Bitcoin’s (BTC) current trend, with prices rising by over 40% in 2023. Bitcoin’s growth has been an indicator of altcoin growth in the past and that trend is expected to continue. 

InQubeta’s platform aims to revolutionize how AI startups raise capital for their firms while giving investors a less restrictive way to invest in them. This is done through QUBE non-fungible ERC20 tokens (NFT) that represent equity in startups. These NFTs are fractionalized, allowing investors to invest as little or as much as they want by purchasing them with InQubeta’s native currency $QUBE. 

InQubeta, Quant, and EOS poised to enjoy tremendous growth in 2023

The artificial intelligence industry has enjoyed unprecedented growth in the past decade as the technology becomes increasingly viable. Only $12.5 billion was invested in AI companies as of 2015, compared to over $90 billion in 2021. The significant increase in the capital being thrown at AI firms is a clear indicator that many technology experts expect the industry to revolutionize many aspects of everyday life. 

Healthcare professionals now use self-learning software to analyze large volumes of data to increase the accuracy of diagnoses, while many homes now have AI-powered robots like Roomba® to clean their floors. Al is impacting many industries worldwide today, from vehicle manufacturers like Tesla® incorporating self-driving programs into their vehicles and accounting firms getting more work done with self-learning software. The AI industry is just getting started and the sky’s the limit as far as the potential for growth is concerned. Many experts are already predicting AI’s impact will be comparable to how the internet and social media have transformed all aspects of life.  

InQubeta (QUBE) is poised to capitalize on the AI industry’s massive growth by removing the barriers investors face when using traditional investment mediums like high minimum requirements and Silicon Valley-type connections. With InQubeta, anyone with a cryptocurrency wallet can capitalize on the artificial intelligence industry’s expected growth. The platform also makes it easier for AI startups to raise funds for projects by creating NFTs that are sold on the marketplace. InQubeta creates a win-win situation for startups in one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide and those who want to invest in them. 

InQubeta’s QUBE and $QUBE tokens are both deflationary to help with price growth. A 2% tax is levied on all buy and sell QUBE transactions and sent to a wallet to be burned – reducing the number of tokens in circulation. $QUBE tokens have a 5% tax on sell transactions and the funds generated are used as rewards for token holders who stake their cryptos to help run the network. 

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Quant (QNT) picking up steam slowly

Quant is the Ethereum (ETH) token that powers the platform’s enterprise software: The Quant Overledger. The network’s purpose is to link private and public blockchain networks, providing a gateway for blockchain-based projects to access other blockchains. Quant also helps to connect applications with others on the same network. It allows for the development of multi-chain decentralized applications (mDapps), which are decentralized applications that operate on multiple blockchains at once. 

Quant has seen some slight growth since it crashed in 2022, and many investors still expect it to see more growth in 2023. 

EOS’s (EOS) struggles continue

EOS is a decentralized, blockchain platform that’s used to develop, run, and host decentralized applications (dApps) or business applications. Its native token, also named EOS, serves as a payment system on the platform. It supports secure communication between the internet and dApps, a feature its main competitor Ethereum (ETH) doesn’t have. 


InQubeta, Chainlink, and EOS are poised to enjoy significant growth in 2023. InQubeta currently leads the way, with a growing number of whales and small fishes alike swapping their altcoins for QUBE. 

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