InQubeta Expected to Outperform OKB’s Price Growth in 2023
InQubeta Expected to Outperform OKB’s Price Growth in 2023

InQubeta Expected to Outperform OKB’s Price Growth in 2023

By Crypto Advertising - 28 May 2023

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InQubeta (QUBE) is expected to outperform OKB’s (OKB) 2023 price growth thanks to an increasing number of investors jumping at the opportunity to be part of the Artificial Intelligence revolution that’s currently going on. It’s good news for InQubeta holders since OKB is one of the top altcoins to buy and one of the few who have rebounded fiercely since 2022 and surpassed its 2021 all-time high. 

InQubeta’s hype is well deserved as it allows investors to purchase equity from promising AI startups without having to deal with the entry barriers of traditional investment channels. Traditional investments in the AI technology space have already gone up by over $80 billion from 2015 to 2021, and InQubeta has now developed a less restrictive way for anyone, anywhere to invest in Artificial Intelligence startups. 

InQubeta emerges as top altcoin to buy in 2023, expected to outperform OKB

The last major technological breakthrough took place in the late 90s as the internet was introduced to the masses. Trillion-dollar companies like Amazon have been built on the internet since then, and some of the AI startups emerging today will likely enjoy similar success over the next few decades. Those who invest in the right startups stand to make unprecedented returns on their investment.

InQubeta (QUBE) provides a secure, decentralized platform where investors can purchase equity in startups they find promising. The process starts with firms creating ERC20 tokens that represent rewards like profit-sharing and equity in their companies. Once approved, these tokens are listed on InQubeta’s marketplace where investors browse and select companies they think have the most potential. 

The QUBE non-fungible tokens are purchased with $QUBE tokens – the platform’s native currency. The startup gets the capital they need, while investors own equity in the firms. 

$QUBE tokens are deflationary to help promote growth. A 2% tax is added to all buy and sell transactions on the NFT marketplace. Funds collected are sent to a burn wallet and removed from circulation. There’s also a 5% tax that’s put on all $QUBE transactions to fund a pool that rewards investors who help to run the InQubeta blockchain by staking their coins. 

InQubeta also makes $QUBE holders part of the platform’s governance with the size of their portfolios determining how much weight their voice carries. Investors can propose, discuss, and vote on issues that affect the network’s future, ensuring those who have invested the most in it get to decide on matters that affect its operations. 

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OKB (OKB) continues to show steady growth

OKB was released by one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges around, the OK Blockchain and Foundation. Commonly called OKEx, it is similar to other large crypto exchanges, with a few key differences like hosting cloud mining services and options trading. 

OKB is the OKEx native cryptocurrency that gives users access to the exchange’s special features. It’s also used to pay trading fees, reward holders who stake their OKB, and grant investors access to the platform’s governance. 

OKEx was launched in 2017 as an offshoot of the OKCoin platform that’s been around since 2013. OKCoin primarily focuses on exchanging cryptocurrencies for fiat these days, while OKEx focuses on trading cryptos and provides an Arithmetic Programming Interface (API) for algorithmic trading. It also gives users access to margin tradition via its multi-currency wallet. 

OKB was one of the first cryptocurrencies to start showing signs of life in 2023, with prices almost doubling highs set before the 2022 crash. Prices have cooled off a bit since its initial 2023 bull run, but investors who purchased OKB at any point before 2023 are still enjoying significant profits. 

OKB’s growth would likely have been more impressive if a multitude of investors weren’t pouring all their funds into InQubeta. 


InQubeta and OKB are two of the top cryptocurrencies to buy right now as both are expected to enjoy significant growth in 2023. InQubeta is currently leading the way as investors capitalize on the opportunity to purchase equity in AI startups without dealing with all the barriers normalized by traditional investment firms. Even the unbanked now have a chance to invest in AI, which is propelling QUBE’s growth. 

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