Crypto influencer collects $1.5 million from his own community promising nothing in return
Crypto influencer collects $1.5 million from his own community promising nothing in return

Crypto influencer collects $1.5 million from his own community promising nothing in return

By Alessandro Adami - 5 Jun 2023

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The world of cryptocurrencies seems to amaze us every day with events out of the ordinary: these days crypto influencer Pauly0x has raised nearly $1.5 million from his own community by promising literally nothing in return.

Strange but true, there is no evidence of “marketing thinking” on the part of the influencer: from his own address there are tens of thousands of transactions confirmed by his Twitter followers.

Full details below.

Crypto influencer Pauly0x raises $1.5 million from crypto domain “yougetnothing.eth”

PaulyOx, founder of “NotLarvaLabs” and well-known crypto influencer with a following of 85 thousand followers on Twitter, has been the protagonist of a surreal story these days.

The individual, famous in crypto circles for “shilling” the PEPE crypto just two days after the token was deployed, about a week ago purchased the crypto domain “yougetnothing.eth.”

He then invited his community to send him ETH and other cryptocurrencies, promising literally nothing in return.

In just 4 minutes about $70 in ETH was sent to the address, and just after two days here is the boom: the wallet had over $1 million in balance.

It is still unclear why all this success is happening: probably many expected some sort of airdrop-style reward from Pauly0x while other users simply thanked the individual with a freebie.

In fact, the crypto influencer has made a ton of money for his community (at least for those who followed his lead) thanks to the immense growth in the price of PEPE since mid-April.

On the other hand, simple respect and admiration cannot justify such a large amount of donations. 

It is likely that many of his followers thought that by sending ETH to the address “yougetnothing.eth” they would receive a gift of a new token called NOTHING.

This can be inferred from some of Pauly0x’s provocative tweets referring to alleged snapshots, typical of the world of airdrop rewards.

The intertwining of words about the word “NOTHING” is driving the degens of the crypto world crazy, who still cannot understand whether by sending funds to the address in question they will receive nothing or actually receive a token named “nothing.”

The crypto influencers’ sympathetic idea continued to attract attention when he himself opened live Twitter feeds called “NOTHING” in which simply nothing was said or done: total silence.

Finally, a few hours ago here is another shrink-like action by pauly0x who posted the address of the website, where there is a “claim” button and the amount of the counter value of the assets held in his wallet.

Infine, poche ore fa ecco un’altra azione in stile strizzacervelli di pauly0x che ha pubblicato l’indirizzo del sito web, in cui è presente un bottone “claim” e l’ammontare del controvalore degli asset detenuti nel suo wallet.

The dig at Ben Armstrong aka Bitboy

The issue of the “yougetnothing.eth” domain and the request for funds by crypto influencer pauly0x may turn out to be simply a mockery of Ben Armostrong, aka Bitboy.

Indeed, Bitboy, a Twitter influencer with 1 million followers, recently caused a scandal by raising more than $20 million to fund 3 memecoin projects.

Specifically, Armstrong had the community send him money through the crypto domain “ben.eth” from which he later broke away by immediately distancing himself. In fact, the domain belongs to another individual who allegedly worked together with Bitboy to develop two memecoins and a DEX.

The matter was taken badly by many users who insulted the influecers by calling him a scammer.

It is at the very least ridiculous that until a few days he himself was shouting loudly urging his followers to fund the domain “ben.eth” and a few days later he turned around and withdrew from any kind of collaboration.

In this sense Pauly0x may have intended his tease regarding the “yougetnothing.eth” domain in a joking manner by implying that those who send crypto to the address will receive nothing at all in the true sense of the word, just as Ben Armstrong did.

The issue still remains very complex to analyze: if it were only a joke and a dig at Bitboy, why delude one’s audience with supposed snapshots or websites where to make the airdrop claim?

It could simply be a mega troll, from which the influencer made a considerable amount of money.

Specifically, in the address “yougetnothing.eth” there are currently 781.3 ETH and other tokens such as USDT and PEPE, with a total value of $1.47 million.

Joke or not, the subject from this story has earned a million-dollar fortune from it.

We will see in the near future whether the supervisors of markets and crimes related to financial activities will intervene in this context by issuing sanctions for pauly0x and Bitboy.

Alessandro Adami

Graduated in "Information, Media and Advertising", for over 4 years interested in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Co-Founder of Tokenparty, community active in spreading crypto-enthusiasm. Co-founder of Legal Hackers Civitanova marche. Information technology consultant. Ethereum Fan Boy and supporter of Chainlink oracles, strongly believes that smart contracts will be central in the development of society.

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