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Tradecurve to Climb 100x in value, Bitcoin miner revenue climbs to $916 million in May


Bitcoin mining revenue saw an increase in May and reached $916.6 million, based on data from The Block Research, indicating a 13.7% month-over-month increase. This sent a positive sentiment throughout the entire crypto space and resulted in increases in the prices of altcoins as-well, where a new project on the market known as Tradecurve is predicted to spike by 100x in value.


Bitcoin Miner Revenue REaches $916

Based on data from IntoTheBlock’s Data Dashboard, the figure includes over $120 million in transaction fees, which has been driven by a significant increase in the on-chain activity. The rise of Bitcoin NFTs through Ordinals drove a surge in the transaction fee revenue to miners, resulting in $916.6 million. Additionally, data suggests that May saw a significant increase in the transaction activity on Bitcoin, which reached a total of 16.9 million for the month. 

As of June 2, 2023, Bitcoin trades at $27,108.39. In the last 30 days, the cryptocurrency decreased by 5.7%; however, in the last week, it saw a jump in value by 2.3%. In the past week, the low point for Bitcoin was at $26,417.88, while its high point of value was at $28,253.25. It’s clear that Bitcoin’s value is still stagnating, but the surge in miner revenue could indicate a further increase in its value. Bitcoin still does need to break past the $28,000 price barrier.


Tradecurve To Climb 100x At Launch

Tradecurve stands out from other cryptocurrency trading platforms and exchanges by offering each user the ability to trade beyond just cryptocurrencies. As the global market has shifted towards a fiat-to-crypto trading model, the exchange will build the first retail-friendly decentralized crypto and derivatives trading platform. 

As a result, Tradecurve is tailored for trading professionals seeking to cut out any intermediaries when trading, and the platform offers numerous primary asset classes. 

Anyone can begin trading US or European equity CFDs, Forex, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, options, ETFs, and bonds without the need to complete a KYC procedure while maintaining full control over their crypto and private keys. 


Tradecurve will feature automated trading with AI, a dedicated Trading Academy for newbies, trading competitions, a social trading infrastructure, and high leverage starting at 500:1. 

The TCRV utility token is currently undergoing Stage 3 of its presale, where it is offered at a value of $0.015. 19,256,489 TCRV tokens have already been sold, and in the last week alone, TCRV climbed in value by 25%. With this momentum, and the overall solution on offer, analysts predict that the TCRV token can climb by 100x at launch, offering investors and traders a solid opportunity for diversification.

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