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Uwerx (WERX) Is Selling Out, While Price Predictions For Open Campus (EDU) And Injective (INJ) Show They Will Recover


An innovative crypto project has arrived and is already causing a stir in the crypto market. Uwerx is a game changer for the freelancing industry, and its presale is making waves, having smashed its first three stages in a month, now in stage 4 and quickly advancing to stage 5.

While Uwerx is selling out, other cryptos like Open Campus (EDU) and Injective (INJ) are still trying to find their feet again following the crypto winter. 

This article will discuss Uwerx’s profitability and presale and why you should join the presale now. 

Open Campus (EDU): Facilitating Web3 Education

Open Campus (EDU) is a Web3 educational platform that teaches users and the industry on various crypto topics while enabling educators to earn for providing knowledge. It is a platform for educators because it allows them to convert their knowledge into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) encoded in smart contracts. 

Open Campus (EDU) has widely been accepted by the crypto community since its April launch and was listed on the Binance Launchpad. This enabled the sale of EDU tokens and lasted from April 23 to April 28. Open Campus (EDU) released about $2.5 million of EDU tokens. 

Since its Binance listing, Open Campus (EDU) has gained significant interest from investors and crypto users. It quickly crawled to become one of the most traded cryptos in April.  Other exchanges like Bybit and Bitget have also listed Open Campus (EDU) on its platform. 

Open Campus (EDU) has been down for the past few hours. However, its general outlook shows the token will quickly bounce back and continue to soar.

Injective (INJ): Optimizing The DeFi Applications

Injective is a smart contract protocol enabling users to build and launch unique and innovative decentralized applications (dApps). Injective (INJ) is also reshaping the world of finance, pioneering interoperability and providing solutions for decentralized finance (DeFi). 

Last month, Injective (INJ) saw a sharp rise in its trading volume due to its four-week hackathon event where users could win many rewards. Injective (INJ) also announced the launch of its liquid staking and entered into a strategic partnership with Stride (STRD) which airdropped 100,000 STRD to support Injective’s (INJ) stakers. 

Injective (INJ) also partnered with Eclipse (ECP) to release the first-ever Solana SVM rollup, Cascade. This will unlock the over $9 billion Solana (SOL) developer ecosystem for injective. Cascade is live on Injective (INJ), and a mainnet launch will happen soon.

Uwerx (WERX) Is Harnessing The Power Of Blockchain

Uwerx is changing the narrative for the freelancing industry by adopting blockchain technology which will cause decentralization, protection of intellectual property rights, and a 1% service fee. Uwerx will incentivize users and new members for their active participation and has allocated 6.5% of the total supply of WERX tokens each for this. 

Uwerx’s presale has soared beyond expectations as it smashed its first three stages in a few weeks. It is now in stage 4 with plans to advance to stage 5. Uwerx is recording great presale success due to the agile methodology approach the development team adopted. This technique allowed them to release the project in stages while making great improvements to benefit users.

With the unexpected demand for Uwerx, the token allocations were revised. The quantity of WERX allocated for the presale increased to 427,500,000 of the total 750,000,000 WERX supply. The stage 4 WERX allocation was increased to 77,500,000, while 72,500,000 WERX will be available for stage 5.

The growing confidence in Uwerx led to its launch price revision. WERX will launch at $0.095 – $0.115. The WERX token has remained bullish since the presale began. It started at $0.005 but now stands at $0.041, with a further price increase and bonus reduction imminent. A 15% purchase bonus is going on at stage 5, and the presale ends on July 31, 2023. 

Uwerx will begin transitioning to the Beta version, where users can test the platform themselves. Uwerx will consider users’ feedback, and users can send them to their email, [email protected]. Uwerx has gained over 5,000 sign-ups so far.

Uwerx recently added a new feature to its platform, the Uwerx Vault. This will enable Uwerx’s sustainability, user engagement, rewards, and safe storage of WERX tokens for a prolonged period. 

Uwerx’s founding team is user-centered and committed. They have reduced their token allocation to 7% to maximize users’ benefits and will renounce ownership of smart contracts once Uwerx lists on centralized exchanges. To promote sustainability and transparency and prevent rug pulls, the team will start a 25-year liquidity locking on their token sooner than later. 82.8% of the community voted for them to start it now rather than when the presale ends.

They will also conduct a Test Airdrop to ensure users’ Receiving Wallet addresses are correct. 98.2% of users were in support of this idea. Lastly, InterFi Network and SolidProof have audited Uwerx to ensure the platform’s security.

Uwerx is the perfect crypto for all to diversify their portfolios with. Hence, you should use this golden opportunity to join the presale and gain a 15% bonus. To learn more about Uwerx and the presale, follow the links below: 





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