Solana dragged into Binance lawsuit Tradecurve combines the derivatives and crypto market in one
Solana dragged into Binance lawsuit Tradecurve combines the derivatives and crypto market in one

Solana dragged into Binance lawsuit Tradecurve combines the derivatives and crypto market in one

By Crypto Advertising - 9 Jun 2023

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As most investors know, the cryptocurrency sector is known for its fast-paced nature and constant movement. Recently, two significant developments have emerged that have captured the crypto community’s attention. Firstly, the popular blockchain platform Solana has been entangled in a legal battle involving Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Secondly, Tradecurve, a game-changing trading platform currently in its presale phase, has introduced a platform that combines the derivatives and crypto markets into one cohesive ecosystem. Continue reading as we examine both of these occurrences in more detail.


Solana (SOL) and its involvement in the Binance lawsuit

The high-performance blockchain platform called Solana that is well-known for its low transaction costs has become very well-liked in the cryptocurrency space. However, recent events have cast a shadow over the reputation of Solana. 

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently announced a high-profile action against Binance. Still, the SEC also keeps an eye on several alternative currencies, like Solana and Polygon. The SEC asserted that many alternative currencies, including Solana, were securities. 

Although many tokens saw a drop after this news broke, Solana went down the furthest, losing 7.43% on the last day alone. Solana has a value of $20.07 with a market cap of $7.8B.

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Tradecurve (TCRV) closes the gap between the derivatives and crypto markets 

While the Binance lawsuit unfolds, Tradecurve has emerged as a platform that seeks to revolutionize the crypto and derivatives markets. Tradecurve aims to attract both traditional investors and crypto enthusiasts by mixing derivatives trading with the cryptocurrency sector. Tradecurve’s innovative approach combines the benefits of both sectors, providing users with a comprehensive trading experience.

On this hybrid trading platform, traders, no matter where they are in the world, may trade all derivatives on one account while utilizing cryptocurrency as collateral. With this trading method, Tradecurve will not impose any intrusive sign-up KYC requirements that have become a norm in the online trading market. Not implementing any checks will result in traders remaining completely anonymous, and as more individuals are becoming privacy-conscious, this could give Tradecurve the competitive edge. 

Tradecurve’s platform offers a range of features designed to enhance trading efficiency and accessibility. These include high leverage starting at 500:1, the ability to subscribe to automated & artificial intelligence (AI) trading bots, a metaverse trading academy, and a social trading aspect where users may copy trades from experienced traders by subscribing to them. 


The native token of this platform, TCRV, will be an essential component of its vast ecosystem as it powers all of these features. It is currently in Stage 3 of its presale and has a price of just $0.015. A good comparison would be one of its rival ICOs, the Binance ICO, which started at $0.11 but reached an all time-high of $690. This trajectory can be matched or even surpassed by Tradecurve’s ICO, as experts predict that TCRV may see a 100x surge after its launch due to a significant listing on a Tier-1 CEX.

Tradecurve’s introduction of a unified platform for derivatives and crypto trading could have significant implications for the industry. By simplifying and streamlining the trading process, Tradecurve may attract a broader audience, including institutional investors who have traditionally hesitated to enter the crypto market. 

This convergence of the derivatives and crypto markets has the potential to drive increased liquidity and market participation, ultimately leading to further growth and development in the cryptocurrency industry. If you want to become an early investor in this upcoming game-changer, sign up for its presale below and obtain a 25% deposit bonus. 

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