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Bitget updates the broker program: features and incentives to empower users

It’s official: Bitget is empowering its community through an update to the broker program. 

Specifically, this update offers a full suite of features and incentives to enhance broker support and provide better service to users. Below are all the details. 

What will change with the updates to Bitget’s broker program?

As anticipated, Bitget, a renowned crypto derivatives and copy trading platform, recently announced major enhancements to its broker program in order to offer additional benefits and support to brokers. 

Specifically, the updated program includes a wide range of features and incentives designed to empower brokers and offer even better service to users.

As a matter of fact, brokers participating in the Bitget Broker program will have access to a reliable platform with high liquidity, which will enable an optimal trading experience for their clients. 

In addition, the comprehensive support provided includes a dedicated account manager, 24/7 technical support, and automatic notifications to promptly resolve any issues.

With this updated program, brokers will have access to detailed performance data, including data on fees, data on direct referrals, and information on partner performance. 

As a reminder, the Bitget platform also offers robust technical features, including low latency, customizable speed limits, API for spot margin trading, a key API solution for complete broker security, and API for P2P transactions. 

Therefore, users will enjoy a simple and intuitive KYC registration process and be involved in various promotional opportunities such as lucky draws, trading competitions and marketing promotions.

Crypto adoption and simple trading for all: the words of Gracy Chen 

Gracy Chen, CEO of Bitget, said the following on the matter: 

“As a leading crypto exchange, Bitget is always improving to better support our community. We aim to build an ecosystem and one-stop platform that benefits all members by continuously enhancing services to drive wider crypto adoption, empowering brokers and their users with an incredibly seamless trading experience.”

We would also like to remind you that Bitget recorded outstanding performance in the first quarter of 2023, confirming the platform’s continued growth

Not surprisingly, we see that total spot transaction volume increased by 8% over the previous quarter to $59 billion.

Meanwhile, futures transaction volume increased even more significantly, with a 27% increase to $658 billion

Not only that, according to a report by TokenInsight, Bitget ranked fourth among centralized exchanges for total trading volume in the first quarter of 2023. 

These results demonstrate Bitget’s rapid growth and commitment to strengthening its broker program in order to build an ecosystem that offers real support and opportunities

In fact, Bitget’s updated broker program creates new possibilities for collaboration in an environment of unlimited support for brokers.

Crypto news: Bitget temporarily suspends BNB Chain services

Bitget has officially announced the suspension of deposit and withdrawal services on the BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) network as of today. 

This temporary suspension is necessary to facilitate the regular upgrade and hard fork of the network, particularly upon reaching block 29.020.050.

During this period, transactions based on the BNB Chain will not be affected. In fact, traders and users will be able to continue normal token exchange activities without interruption. 

However, it is important to note that the deposit and withdrawal services for BNB Smart Chain will be temporarily unavailable until the upgrade is completed.

Bitget has assured its users that once the upgrade and network hard fork are successfully completed, deposit and withdrawal services for BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) will be restored. 

Thus, the exchange will resume those services as soon as the network stabilizes, with no further announcements required. 

Bitget’s support for the BNB Smart Chain hard fork update highlights the exchange’s commitment to providing a safe and efficient trading environment for users. 

By aligning with the network upgrade, Bitget aims to ensure the proper functioning of BNB Smart Chain and improve the user experience overall.

In addition, this strategic move aims to ensure the stability and efficiency of the network, benefiting users of the platform.

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