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Crypto.com arena will not change name, but the exchange will stop operating in the US

In a surprising twist, Crypto.com has announced that the name of the Los Angeles-based sports and entertainment arena will remain unchanged, despite the company’s decision to close its institutional exchanges in the United States. 

The news comes just as the cryptocurrency exchange unveiled its plans to discontinue institutional exchange service for professional clients in the United States starting 21 June 2023. 

However, the company reassures users that its mobile application will continue to be available.

Crypto.com exchange’s decision

The decision to shut down institutional exchange services in the United States was not taken lightly by Crypto.com. 

In a statement provided to Blockworks, the exchange explained that the move was prompted by a lack of demand, which may have been influenced by the strained relations between cryptocurrency companies and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

According to Crypto.com, the suspension of institutional supply is the result of limited demand from institutions in the United States, reflecting the current market landscape.

The company stressed that it has provided advance notice to affected institutional users to ensure a smooth transition. 

Despite this setback, Crypto.com remains committed to serving its user base through its mobile application.

Interestingly, the timing of this announcement coincided with the filing of lawsuits by the SEC against two major cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance and Coinbase, citing alleged violations of securities laws. 

The lawsuits against these exchanges have intensified regulatory scrutiny of the cryptocurrency industry in the United States.

But why the move to keep the arena’s name in Los Angeles?

The Los Angeles Sports and Entertainment Arena, known as the Crypto.com Arena, has gained considerable attention since its new name was unveiled. 

The decision to name the facility after the cryptocurrency exchange was met with both enthusiasm and skepticism. 

Some saw it as a bold move that highlighted the growing influence of cryptocurrencies, while others questioned the decision to associate a physical location with a volatile and relatively nascent industry.

With the recent announcement that the name will remain unchanged, it appears that Crypto.com is redoubling its efforts to establish its presence in the sports and entertainment sector. 

Despite the challenges faced by the institutional exchange service, Crypto.com is determined to maintain its association with the arena and capitalize on the marketing and branding opportunities it presents.

The Crypto.com Arena is expected to host a wide range of events, including sports games, concerts, and other forms of live entertainment. 

By keeping the name intact, the exchange intends to capitalize on the visibility and exposure that comes from such high-profile events. 

It also demonstrates the company’s long-term vision and confidence in the value of its brand.

The decision underscores the importance of branding in the cryptocurrency industry

Even though the decision to keep the name may seem surprising to some, it is not entirely unprecedented. 

We have seen other cases where companies have continued branding initiatives despite significant changes in their business activities. 

In this case, Crypto.com recognizes the potential of the arena’s association with its brand, regardless of the suspension of the institutional exchange in the United States.

It remains to be seen how this move will be received by the public and the cryptocurrency community at large. 

Some may see it as a smart strategic move that allows Crypto.com to maintain its presence in a major venue, while others may question the company’s priorities amid regulatory challenges. 

Regardless, the decision underscores the dynamic and evolving nature of the cryptocurrency industry, where companies must adapt and navigate a complex regulatory landscape.

The fluctuations of the native CRO token following the news

Crypto.com’s native token, CRO, has fluctuated significantly in value following the announcement of the closure of the institutional exchange. 

Initially, the token dropped about 14% and fell to $0.05074 on 10 June, from $0.05858 the previous day.

However, there have been signs of recovery in the token’s value. 

In the past 24 hours, CRO has managed to regain about 7% of its losses, surging to $0.05498. These price fluctuations reflect the market’s reaction to the news and highlight the volatility often associated with cryptocurrencies.

Despite the temporary setback, Crypto.com remains committed to providing a seamless trading experience for its customers. 

In line with this goal, the company recently announced its integration with CoinRoutes, a provider of intelligent order routing and execution services.

This partnership aims to improve access to liquidity and simplify trading for both Crypto.com and CoinRoutes customers.

By integrating with CoinRoutes, Crypto.com aims to provide institutions with better access to liquidity pools, facilitating smoother and more efficient trading processes. 

This collaboration is a strategic move to address the evolving needs of institutional customers and strengthen Crypto.com’s position as a leading cryptocurrency exchange.

Crypto.com’s integration with CoinRoutes

The integration with CoinRoutes demonstrates Crypto.com’s commitment to offering comprehensive services to its customers, even in the face of challenges in the institutional exchange industry. 

By partnering with a trusted provider of intelligent order routing and execution services, Crypto.com aims to enhance the overall trading experience and maintain its competitive edge in the marketplace.

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to evolve and regulatory scrutiny intensifies, it is essential for exchanges to focus on innovation and partnerships that foster growth. 

Leveraging CoinRoutes’ expertise, Crypto.com aims to provide a robust trading infrastructure that meets the specific needs of institutions.

The partnership with CoinRoutes also emphasizes the importance of liquidity in the cryptocurrency market. 

Liquidity plays a key role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the market by enabling traders to execute orders quickly and at competitive prices. With improved access to liquidity through this integration, Crypto.com seeks to create a more favorable trading environment for its clients.


In conclusion, Crypto.com’s decision to retain the name of the Los Angeles-based sports and entertainment arena, Crypto.com Arena, despite the closure of its institutional exchanges in the United States, demonstrates the company’s commitment to establishing its brand presence in the sports and entertainment industry. 

The announcement coincided with SEC legal actions against major cryptocurrency exchanges, highlighting the increased regulatory scrutiny surrounding the cryptocurrency industry. 

Despite the challenges faced by the institutional exchange service, Crypto.com remains committed to serving its user base through its mobile app.

The fluctuations in the value of Crypto.com’s native token, CRO, following news of the closure of the institutional exchange, exemplify the inherent volatility of cryptocurrencies. 

While the token initially declined, it has since shown signs of recovery. This market reaction underscores the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market and the need for investors to exercise caution and understand the risks involved.

In addition, Crypto.com’s integration with CoinRoutes, a provider of intelligent order routing and execution services, demonstrates the company’s commitment to enhancing access to liquidity and improving trading processes for its clients. 

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to evolve, companies like Crypto.com must adapt to regulatory changes, prioritize user experience and security, and seek strategic partnerships to remain competitive. 

The decision to retain the Crypto.com Arena name, along with the integration with CoinRoutes, demonstrates Crypto.com’s long-term vision and determination to thrive in the face of challenges.

By focusing on innovation, partnerships, and user-centric services, Crypto.com aims to consolidate its position as a leader in the cryptocurrency industry, providing value to its users and contributing to wider adoption of cryptocurrencies in the mainstream.