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Ethscriptions, What Are They and What is Their Difference From Ordinals

The Ethereum blockchain has long been a hotbed of innovation and experimentation, and it continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in decentralized technology. 

Recently, a new protocol called Ethscriptions has emerged, capturing the attention of blockchain enthusiasts worldwide. 

Ethscriptions allow users to create and share digital objects on the Ethereum network, reminiscent of a similar project called Inscriptions developed by Ordinals for Bitcoin

In this article, we delve into the details of Ethscriptions, explore their unique features, and draw a comparison to Ordinals to understand the potential impact of this protocol.

What Are Ethscriptions?

Ethscription can be best described as a groundbreaking protocol that enables users to inscribe images and other non-financial data onto the Ethereum main chain

Developed by Tom Lehman, co-founder and former CEO of Genius.com, Ethscriptions has gained significant interest since its launch. With nearly 30,000 Ethscriptions created in less than 18 hours, it is clear that the protocol has made a resounding impact within the Ethereum community.

Unlike traditional intelligent contract storage methods, Ethscriptions leverage Ethereum “calldata” to store data within a call made to a smart contract. 

This approach offers a more cost-effective and decentralized alternative, allowing users to write any type of file as long as it remains under 96 kilobytes. While the current iteration of Ethscriptions focuses on images, Lehman has hinted at expanding its capabilities in the future.

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A Comparison to Ordinals

The emergence of Ethscriptions on Ethereum echoes the launch of Ordinals on the Bitcoin network.

Ordinals introduced NFT-style images and non-financial data into Bitcoin’s ledger, but its reception among the maximalist community was met with dismay. In contrast, the Ethereum community has exhibited a greater openness to innovation and experimentation, making Ethscriptions an exciting avenue for developers to explore blockchain technology further.

While Ethscriptions and Ordinals share the concept of inscribing digital content onto a blockchain, there are notable differences. 

Ethscriptions, emphasizing Ethereum’s main chain, offer a more accessible and versatile platform for users to create and share their digital objects. Moreover, Ethscriptions’ integration of Ethereum “calldata” provides a cost-effective and decentralized solution, offering advantages over contract storage.


The debut of Ethscriptions on the Ethereum main chain marks an exciting development in the blockchain space. 

With its ability to inscribe images and other non-financial data onto the Ethereum network, Ethscriptions offers a unique platform for creators to showcase their digital objects. 

The enthusiasm shown by the Ethereum community in embracing this protocol underscores their openness to innovation and experimentation.

While comparisons can be drawn to the Ordinals project on Bitcoin, Ethscriptions present a more accessible and versatile approach to inscribing digital content. 

The Ethereum community will ultimately determine the future trajectory of Ethscriptions, and whether it becomes a fleeting trend or a significant advancement remains to be seen.

Nevertheless, Ethscriptions exemplify the continued drive for innovation and adoption within the blockchain ecosystem.


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