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Ark Invest report gives confidence to Bitcoin

In a recently released report, Ark Invest, a leading US investment management firm, revealed that Bitcoin (BTC) has garnered support from strong holders and witnessed an improvement in institutional sentiment. 

The report revealed an impressive statistic, stating that during June, an all-time high of 70% of the circulating supply of Bitcoin had not been moved in at least a year.

Ark Invest report: strong Bitcoin holder base and institutional support drive market confidence

The Ark Invest report focuses on the recent momentum of Bitcoin, which has outperformed almost all traditional assets in the first half of 2023, registering a remarkable surge of more than 80% against the US dollar.

A significant aspect highlighted in the report is the growing institutional interest in Bitcoin, particularly after the unveiling of the Blackrock spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). 

Ark Invest researchers note that the balance of Bitcoin on over-the-counter (OTC) desks, which serves as a proxy for institutional activity, has reached a one-year high.

Another indicator cited in the report is the rise in value of Grayscale’s GBTC, which suggests a potential change in sentiment toward Bitcoin

Ark Invest suggests that rising balances on OTC desks indicate increased attention to Bitcoin by institutions and other large capital allocators.

While institutional interest appears strong, the Ark Invest report also sheds light on the strengthening base of Bitcoin holders. 

The researchers explain that nearly 70% of the 19.4 million Bitcoin in circulation have not been moved for at least a year or more, indicating an increasingly robust group of long-term holders.

The bullish signals for Bitcoin come at a time when the Ark report highlights a tightening cycle “unprecedented in magnitude” and discusses macroeconomic events. 

In the United States, Ark Invest researchers believe that conflicting fiscal and monetary policies, along with warning signs of a potential recession, contribute to the prevailing macroeconomic uncertainty.

Amid regulatory uncertainties and tight monetary policies, Bitcoin remains strong 

Despite these uncertainties, Bitcoin demonstrated robust performance, finding strong technical support in its 200-week moving average and closing the month above it by 14%, as outlined in Ark Invest’s report.

Ark Invest’s report on the stability and strength of Bitcoin’s holder base provides a positive outlook for the cryptocurrency’s future. 

The fact that a substantial portion of the circulating supply has remained unchanged for an extended period suggests that a significant number of investors are confident in Bitcoin’s long-term potential.

This trend of strong holders is an encouraging sign for the cryptocurrency market as a whole. It indicates that Bitcoin is not solely based on speculation or short-term trading activities. 

On the contrary, there is a growing cohort of investors who believe in the fundamental value and usefulness of Bitcoin, leading them to hold their assets for an extended period.

The report also highlights the growing institutional interest in Bitcoin, which further reinforces its legitimacy as an investment asset. 

In recent years, institutional investors such as hedge funds, asset managers and corporations have gradually entered the cryptocurrency space. 

Increasing balances on over-the-counter desks indicate that these institutional players are allocating more capital toward Bitcoin, recognizing its potential as a store of value and hedge against inflation.

Bitcoin’s institutional interest according to Ark’s report

This growing institutional involvement could have a profound impact on the stability and overall liquidity of the Bitcoin market. 

Indeed, institutions are used to bringing higher levels of liquidity and reducing price volatility, making Bitcoin a more attractive asset to a wider range of investors.

Moreover, their involvement adds credibility and legitimacy to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, which can pave the way for further regulatory clarity and mainstream adoption.

In addition, the Ark Invest report highlights the remarkable performance of Bitcoin in the face of macroeconomic uncertainties. 

While warning signs of a potential recession persist, Bitcoin has shown resilience and has even outperformed traditional assets. 

Its ability to find strong technical support and maintain an upward trajectory amid conflicting fiscal and monetary policies demonstrates its unique characteristics as a decentralized digital currency.

Overall, the findings of the Ark Invest report provide valuable insights into the current state of Bitcoin. The strong holder base, coupled with increasing institutional interest, bodes well for the cryptocurrency’s future growth and stability. 

As more investors recognize Bitcoin’s potential as a long-term investment and institutions continue to allocate capital into the asset, Bitcoin could solidify its position as a key player in the global financial landscape.