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Sorare NFTs: Five auctions for Special Edition NBA Draft Cards

Sorare announced the five auctions for the top NBA draft picks in an NFT collection called Special Edition NBA Draft Cards. The first was on 9 July 2023, and features the digital card of Victor Wembanyama (San Antonio Spurs). 

Sorare NFTs and the five auctions for the Special Edition NBA Draft Cards

Ahead of the upcoming National Basketball Association (NBA) season, French fantasy sports unicorn, Sorare, announced the launch of the five NFT auctions for the Special Edition NBA Draft Cards

The first auction featured yesterday’s NFT card of player Victor Wembanyama (San Antonio Spurs). At only 19 years old, the young star has played the last three seasons in the French top professional level and was the 2023 league MVP, top scorer and defender of the year.

Next will be the card auctions of Brandon Miller (Charlotte Hornets), Scoot Henderson (Portland Trail Blazers), Amen Thompson (Houston Rockets) and Ausar Thompson (Detroit Pistons).

Sorare managers will be able to bid on Special Edition cards of these players. Each card will include a Rookie badge and will be part of the number of rare cards for the 2023-2024 season. In competitions, these 5 NBA Draft Special Edition cards will have a 10% XP bonus throughout the 2023-2024 season.

Sorare: the licensed NFTs of the top 5 NBA Draft picks

These NBA Draft Special Edition NFT cards are the first ever licensed digital collectibles of the top 5 picks at the National Basketball Association draft

Not only that, such auctions anticipate the start of Sorare’s second season as the Official NFT Fantasy Partner of the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA). 

Last season, the player in their first NBA season who scored the most Sorare points was Oklahoma City Thunder player Jalen Williams, with 1328 points, a benchmark that Wembanyama and others will try to break through this season. 

The three most popular players on Sorare last season were Nic Claxton (Brooklyn Nets), Luka Dončić (Dallas Mavericks) and Giannīs Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee Bucks).

In this regard, Nicolas Julia, CEO and co-founder of Sorare, said:

“As a French NBA fan, I followed this year’s draft with great interest. It’s been an exciting start to what should be another great season in the NBA – the second during which we’ve been proud partners. As part of our partnership with the NBA, we’re delighted to launch new Special Edition Rare cards of the top 5 draft pick players ahead of the coming 2023-24 season.

We’re committed to giving fans new ways to connect with their favourite stars and this will give Sorare Managers the chance to own a truly unique part of NBA history, add exciting players to their collection, and play their digital player cards in their lineups.”

Plans for the future of the fantasy sports startup 

Last month, Nicolas Julia shared what the plans are for the future of the famous NFT fantasy sports card startup

Also on the list appears to be the upcoming launch of Sorare’s mobile app, which will take place by the end of this year. 

Sorare’s NFT mobile app will give users the ability to buy and sell their NFT cards through their cell phones as well. 

Sorare’s CEO also talked about increasing “real experiences” as rewards, explaining that the goal is to create a bridge between the physical and digital worlds. 

Included in the plan would also be to increase the number of sports, with him stating that at the moment field hockey and tennis are good candidates. 

Sorare has 300 organizations and clubs, such as Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A with 14 teams, MLS, NBA.

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