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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction Short-Term Rally Mean For Uwerx (WERX) Presale?


Bitcoin (BTC) has a huge dominance over the market as the largest crypto asset. It is believed by experts that Bitcoin (BTC) has to perform well to allow room for other cryptocurrencies to thrive. Therefore, as Bitcoin rallies over the past few weeks across the landscape, what effect would this have on emerging projects like Uwerx?

Uwerx has been impressive on presale these past few weeks and unaffected by market direction. Presale buyers recognize the opportunity in Uwerx as a promising project and continue to secure early spots as the project nears launch. Read on to discover what’s left to know about Uwerx and the opportunity on the table.

Bitcoin (BTC) Short-Term Rally

Bitcoin (BTC) has been great on the market in the past few weeks, especially due to recent developments with ordinals and BRC-20 inscriptions. Coming into the year, there wasn’t much hope for exciting price actions following the disastrous events with FTX last year. However, Bitcoin rallied almost 100% gains and reached $30,000 again, and the market narrative changed. 

But things have gotten even more interesting since then. Ordinals were launched on Bitcoin, and the network has found a way to create massive value with NFTs and BRC-20 tokens that this new technology allows it to build. Bitcoin has led the NFT market in trading volume over the past month, a position typically by the Ethereum network due to its vast NFT landscape. Bitcoin is outperforming in only a few months of emerging in NFTs, and as the Bitcoin community finds even more ways to create, who knows what’s to come next from the network?

Uwerx (WERX) Presale Progress

Uwerx presale is rallying on Stage 5, and as investors rush in to secure available tokens, there are new updates about the project. Uwerx launched its alpha phase last week with the release of its landing page, and it was a decent sneak peek for early buyers looking to eventually test the network. 

This new release features ten pages, including the signup and login page, job creation, finding talent, activity page, hiring dashboard, etc. What’s peculiar about the new releases is the intuitiveness to which they appear. Uwerx is a Web3 platform, but its usability features are quite familiar like with existing freelance Web2 platforms. Uwerx easily solves the usability hurdle with the interface’s intuitiveness, making it easy for freelancers to get a hang of the site.

Uwerx is a much-preferred solution because of its low fees and the other blockchain-enabled features like incentivization which rewards users with WERX tokens for their activity. Uwerx is an Ethereum-based solution, and you can get in early via the presale. For all the value WERX will power on launch, it’s selling on presale for only $0.05245 on Stage 5, so get in early and cheap now.

Join the presale and claim 15% bonus WERX tokens.





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