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Polygon (MATIC) and Tron (TRX) Charts Enter Red


As market sentiment shifts and prices fluctuate, Uwerx continues to capture the hearts of investors. With the emerging platform’s growing user signups and recent addition to the Alpha version, there’s no doubt Uwerx embodies potential. 

The upgraded Alpha Version of Uwerx introduces various innovative features designed to enhance user experience while revolutionizing the world of remote work. Amidst these developments, Polygon (MATIC) and Tron (TRX) charts have recently experienced a downturn.

Let’s look at how these coins are faring in crypto and explore Uwerx’s unique potential.

Polygon (MATIC) Charts Experience Downward Trend

Polygon (MATIC), a prominent cryptocurrency known for its scalability and interoperability solutions, has recently encountered a price decline in the market. These past weeks have been rocky for the coin as it experienced price fluctuation. Unsurprisingly, it plummeted in the early hours of June 1st, 2023, trading at $0.87 per token.

Furthermore, the coin launched as a platform for scaling Ethereum (ETH), has risen in the crypto space for its easy-to-use multi-chain system. Also, in recent news, Polygon (MATIC) and one of the world’s leading telecommunication companies, Deutsche Telekom, became partners. Their partnership makes the telco company one of the validators on the coin’s PoS network.

In addition, Polygon (MATIC) has a circulating supply of 9,279,469,069.28 MATIC tokens, a 24h trading volume of $235,757,916, and a market cap of $8,306,450,230.

Tron (TRX) Starts the Month with Bearish Sentiments

As June commences, Tron (TRX) finds itself amidst bearish sentiments. This shift in market dynamics has left investors and enthusiasts eager to understand the factors contributing to Tron’s (TRX) recent downward trajectory. 

However, Tron (TRX), like many other cryptocurrencies, experiences periods of price fluctuation, and the current bearish sentiment is no exception.

The crypto platform with a similar transaction model to that of Bitcoin (BTC) has a market cap of $6,739,855,552 and a circulating supply of 90,222,753,447.74 TRX. Likewise, the coin’s present value is $0.0747, signaling a  0.87% decrease in the past 24 hours.

Uwerx Set to Embark on Liquidity Token Lock-up

In today’s rapidly evolving blockchain landscape, a standout project is emerging. Uwerx, a platform with plans to reshape the freelancing industry, has garnered momentum due to its innovative approach and unwavering dedication to inclusivity. 

In its fifth presale stage, with 72.5 million WERX tokens available, the platform’s recent surge in user signups speaks volumes about its growing popularity.

According to Forbes, 73% of tech companies have integrated teams of freelancers and employees. With Uwerx’s 1% service fee, connecting clients and freelancers has never been easier. Also, it’s safe to say that the platform has maximum security as it has undergone SolidProof and InterFi Network audits.

Uwerx’s ability to adapt to the dynamic needs of the gig economy is evident in the rising number of Twitter followers, signups, and Telegram members. 

In addition, Uwerx’s commitment to inclusivity is exemplified through its fair token distribution strategy. The project ensures an equitable allocation of tokens by reducing the token shares for the founding team and partners. This approach allows a broader range of participants to contribute to and reap the benefits of Uwerx’s growth.

Uwerx will also be introducing a feature that allows users to lock their tokens for a specific period. This feature is known as Uwerx Vault, and it also allows users to earn rewards when they lock their tokens.

Similarly, transparency and decentralization are paramount to the team. In attestation to this, the team plans to relinquish ownership of the smart contract upon listing the WERX token on centralized exchange platforms.

Additionally, Uwerx has implemented a 25-year liquidity lock on developers’ tokens. The initial plan was to do the locking after the presale; however, users voted for it to happen next week. The liquidity lock fosters trust, stability, and accountability within the Uwerx ecosystem.

To further enhance the user experience, Uwerx has introduced the Test Airdrop, which has received support from 98.2% of poll participants. This empowers users by actively involving them in the token allocation process while ensuring the verification of their wallet addresses.

Furthermore, Uwerx remains committed to delivering a seamless user experience, as demonstrated by the recent unveiling of the Alpha version. 

Users now have access to convenient Signup and Landing pages, along with other valuable features such as Forgot Password, Initial Step of Job Creation, Initial Step of Finding Talent, My Activity Page, Logging In, Hiring Dashboard Page, Job Creation Process Pages, and Freelancer or Client Initiation. Visit the Uwerx Telegram channel to explore the latest Alpha Version of the platform.

Furthermore, the transition to Uwerx’s Beta Version is underway, and this will allow users to test-run the platform. The team actively seeks input and suggestions as users are encouraged to share their thoughts via the dedicated email address [email protected].

Also, the success of Uwerx’s presale can be attributed, in part, to its adoption of an agile methodology which shows that Uwerx prioritizes users’ needs. 

Uwerx presents an enticing 25% purchase bonus on WERX tokens for those eager to seize the opportunity- ending today at 18:00 UTC. 

The presale is set to end on the 31st of July. Don’t miss out on the chance to participate in the Uwerx presale by following the provided links.





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