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Why these 12 best new cryptocurrencies are generating hype in 2023


Cryptocurrency enthusiasts know that the market is flooded with tens of thousands of coins and new ones are being added every day. While some cryptocurrency projects take off, others quickly fade away. Therefore, most new coins entering the crypto market may be failures.

Experienced cryptocurrency investors are aware that there is always a certain time when even established coins have been an industry novelty. Early buying of these coins can lead to huge gains, as happened with Shiba Inu and Render. After careful analysis of the latest available coins, we have identified twelve tokens that are garnering great attention in 2023:

  1. Chancer (CHANCER)
  2. Shiba Memu (SHMU)
  3. Altsignals (ASI)
  4. Metacade (MCADE)
  5. tomiNet (TOMI)  
  6. Blur (BLUR)
  7. Core (CORE)
  8. AirTor (ATOR)
  9. UNS Token (UNS) 
  10. Smardex (SDEX)
  11. Open Campus Protocol (EDU) 
  12. Grovecoin (GRV)

1 – Chancer (CHANCER): Democratizing the betting industry

The cryptocurrency landscape is constantly evolving and often features dynamic and unique projects. Among them is an interesting new entrant, Chancer, a pioneering venture that is already making waves among cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors.

Chancer is a distinctive addition to the array of new cryptocurrencies on the market, setting itself apart from conventional betting platforms. Unlike traditional betting agencies, Chancer is a betting facilitator that allows users to create their own betting events and set their own odds, offering a new democratized approach to betting.

As a decentralized, blockchain-based predictive markets platform, Chancer promotes peer-to-peer (P2P) betting markets that users can customize. The opportunity to place anything from sports bets to personal bets on a wide range of events gives Chancer unparalleled versatility, making it one of the best new cryptocurrencies to watch.

The CHANCER token increases the attractiveness of the platform by allowing participants to stake their tokens for returns and offering discounted fees to incentivize users to engage with the platform on a regular basis. These aspects and a robust “Proof of Stake” consensus mechanism offer unique selling propositions that set Chancer apart.

But what really piques investors’ interest in Chancer is its planned trajectory, meticulously outlined in a roadmap that will roll out by the end of 2023, with presales, audits, partnerships, and the development of a beta platform.

Whether you are an investor looking for new cryptocurrency opportunities or a cryptocurrency enthusiast, Chancer presents an intriguing proposition that promises to be a game changer in the betting and cryptocurrency industry. Tokens are currently selling for $0.01, but during the 12-step presale event, they are expected to reach $0.021. Investors who enter the game early are more likely to see their investment appreciate, earning better returns.

Everyone in the cryptocurrency market is eagerly awaiting the effects of Chancer’s unique idea, which could revolutionize the world of predictive market betting and offer fantastic investment opportunities.

With its unparalleled mix of innovation and investment prospects, Chancer is undeniably creating a wave of excitement in the cryptocurrency sphere. 

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2 – Shiba Memu (SHMU): Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence with a Meme coin

The year 2023 has already proven to be a fertile ground for the emergence of new and exciting cryptocurrencies, and Shiba Memu is creating quite a buzz in the plethora of new coins.

Shiba Memu is an ERC-20 token that combines the appeal of a meme coin with the disruptive power of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology. This blend catapults it beyond the typical hype of meme coins, positioning Shiba Memu as one of the best new cryptocurrencies to invest in.

Shiba Memu’s artificial intelligence capabilities are nothing short of revolutionary. From natural language processing (NLP) for targeted marketing campaigns to sentiment analysis to understand market emotions, Shiba Memu’s artificial intelligence prowess makes it a benchmark for new cryptocurrency prices in 2023.

In addition, artificial intelligence leverages predictive analytics, providing valuable insights into market trends and user behaviors, making Shiba Memu the best new cryptocurrency for strategic investment. Its image and video recognition technology further expands its reach by tracking and optimizing the branding of Shiba Memu on various online platforms.

A unique element of this new cryptocurrency due out in 2023 is its community-centric approach. With 85 percent of tokens sold in presale, Shiba Memu is securing a robust and engaged community that will actively participate in its growth.

With an innovative presale event that will run for eight weeks, Shiba Memu is truly an investor’s dream. This growing cryptocurrency will increase the price of its tokens daily, starting at just $0.011125 and reaching an impressive $0.0244. A remarkable 119.33 percent increase during the presale phase makes it an exciting investment, especially for the first people to access it.

Among the ever-growing list of new cryptocurrencies, Shiba Memu stands out as a newly launched cryptocurrency that offers tangible utility and a fresh and engaging take on meme coins. As this new cryptocurrency grows and evolves, the excitement around it is only increasing. Shiba Memu is the best cryptocurrency to invest in in 2023.

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3 – AltSignals (ASI): Market signals created by artificial intelligence

With the launch of AltSignals, a new cryptocurrency, 2023 will be a banner year for investors looking to diversify their portfolios. Listed among the top 12 new cryptocurrencies that will make a splash in 2023, AltSignals has become a key player to watch in the digital currency market.

What makes the AltSignals token special during its presale is the development of an artificial intelligence technology stack, Actualize AI, that will enhance the already impressive results of its trading signal technology based on the AltAlgo™ algorithm. This new technology could enhance the accuracy of trading signals from the current average of 64 percent to an incredible 80 percent or more. This improvement will set AltSignals apart from the crowd of new cryptocurrencies, enabling traders to make more informed decisions, reducing risk and increasing potential profits.

AltSignals also introduces a new, safer investment environment. This newest cryptocurrency offers state-of-the-art security protocols, a necessary countermeasure in a digital economy where security breaches are now all too common.

What sets AltSignals apart, however, is its dedicated team of experienced professionals who work constantly to ensure their clients’ success. It offers an exclusive ActualizeAI Club, where investors can access high-quality information, trend analysis, and forecasts, all critical to navigating the tumultuous cryptocurrency market.

As the new cryptocurrency market grows, so does the buzz around AltSignals. For investors looking to ride the wave of this new era of digital currencies, AltSignals is proving to be a revolutionary addition to their portfolios, especially when it comes to the best new cryptocurrencies of 2023. 

The combination of advanced technology, security, and dedicated support makes AltSignals a top contender among newer cryptocurrencies. ASI tokens are currently available at a price of $0.01875, which will increase to $0.02274 at the end of the presale.

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4 – Metacade (MCADE): Bringing gaming to the Blockchain

When talking about this year’s best new cryptocurrencies, it would be a serious oversight not to mention Metacade. 

Metacade, with its introduction of a new cryptocurrency, has redefined the intersection of blockchain and gaming. Metacade harnesses the power of decentralization to grant users autonomy by engaging them in a play-to-earn ecosystem that rewards active participation. This fresh approach makes it one of the most interesting new cryptocurrency projects.

In this landscape of new cryptocurrency launches, Metacade’s uniqueness is its ability to create a multidimensional play experience, empowering creators through the Create2Earn feature and inviting competitiveness through Compete2Earn. 

In a marketplace teeming with new crypto coins, Metacade stands out with a clear value proposition and innovative roadmap. Among all the new cryptocurrency launches this year, Metacade stands out as a new cryptocurrency and a beacon of what is possible in the upcoming cryptocurrency landscape.

There is no denying that Metacade is one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy. With an impressive start and a promising future, it is more than a new cryptocurrency: it is a revolution in the making. 

>>> You can find more information, including how to buy MCADE, here <<<

5 – tomiNet (TOMI): a new dawn toward a parallel internet universe

tomiNet is an innovative platform that fuses Web2 and Web3 technologies to create a new Internet landscape that prioritizes privacy, self-governance, and self-funding. tomiNet, accessible through an easy-to-use browser, offers a refuge from the surveillance and control prevalent in the traditional Web. It aims to empower web users through a DAO.

tomiNet is aimed at regions with limited access to information and businesses that have difficulty securing property rights within the Web.2 It offers a self-directed, privacy-focused model of the Internet, providing unrestricted access worldwide. tomiNet is aimed at those seeking freedom of expression and business operations without undue influence or regulation.

Using established protocols such as TCP/IP and DNS, tomiNet incorporates TOR and Starkware for privacy and zero knowledge, Ethereum and Starkware for a native cryptocurrency, and DAO technology for user-managed decision making.

tomiNet aims to destroy the concentrated power and manipulation that prevail on the Internet. It is a global Web3 company with offices around the world, decentralizing digital assets and cloud services. 

It is a revolutionary solution that protects freedom of expression and privacy. By combining Web2 and Web3, TomiNet creates an infrastructure that supports individual rights and is the next evolution of the Web i.e., a truly people-centric network.

6 – Blur (BLUR): A high-speed portal to the NFT universe

In the dynamic world of digital assets, Blur has emerged as a robust NFT marketplace designed to cater to professional traders. With an emphasis on fast trading, Blur is a leader in optimizing trading speed, aiming to provide a seamless trading experience that unlocks the potential to generate greater profits.

Established as the fastest NFT marketplace, Blur is the epitome of efficiency. The platform boasts a navigation speed ten times faster than the norm, enhancing the trading process. In addition, the absence of market fees is a distinguishing feature of this platform, offering a convenient solution for traders moving into the NFT space.

A strength of Blur is its impressive performance metrics. The platform’s Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) is an impressive $1.4 billion, a testament to the remarkable trading activity on the platform. These statistics, accompanied by a user base of over 146,000, underscore Blur’s growing popularity and reach.

Despite the promising aspects, it is critical to consider the specific risks associated with the Blur platform and the BLUR token. As with any other digital asset, the value of the BLUR token can be subject to high volatility.

Backed by several prominent entities such as Paradigm, Zeneca, and Egirl Capital, Blur has built a solid foundation of trust and credibility in the cryptocurrency space. Simply put, Blur offers a unique combination of speed, innovative functionality, and community focus, making it a benchmark in the burgeoning NFT market.

7 – Core (CORE): Solving the Blockchain Trilemma

Web3 will be revolutionized by Core, a new independent blockchain that leverages a unique consensus mechanism, Satoshi Plus. Core combines Bitcoin hashrate mining and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to offer a complete Turing blockchain. By combining Proof of Work (PoW) and Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS), the Satoshi Plus consensus provides an innovative solution to the widely studied Blockchain Trilemma, offering optimal security, scalability and decentralization.

The Blockchain “Trilemma” is a persistent challenge for cryptocurrencies. It forces digital currencies to compromise on one of three elements: security, scalability or decentralization. Core’s Satoshi Plus consensus aims to solve this trilemma. By leveraging the strengths of PoW and DPoS and mitigating their weaknesses, Core ensures security, scalability and decentralization in a holistic manner. With Bitcoin’s computing power driving decentralization and DPoS enhancing scalability, Core is the first blockchain to implement the Satoshi Plus consensus.

Core’s native currency, CORE, has a cap of 2.1 billion tokens, following Bitcoin’s sound money model. Similar to Ethereum’s “Ultra Sound Money” model, a specific percentage of block rewards and transaction fees will be burned, to be decided by the DAO. 

However, Core blockchain is not without its challenges. Decentralized governance often faces problems related to various attack vectors, and the success of the Core DAO depends largely on trust and community building. 

Core is poised to reshape the Web3 landscape. The implementation of the Satoshi Plus consensus, which combines PoW and DPoS, offers an innovative solution to the Blockchain Trilemma. 

8 – AirTor (ATOR): Supporting global Internet anonymity with incentives on the blockchain

AirTor (ATOR) is an innovative cryptocurrency that infuses the cyber world with a new promise of secure Internet privacy. With a unique mission, AirTor offers on-chain incentives for the Tor network and is building a more affordable adoption framework for secure network relay protocols.

AirTor offers innovative solutions for anonymity on the Internet. At its core is the AirTor protocol, which allows Tor relays to register with an ERC20 wallet and earn rewards in the form of AirTor tokens. The token rewards are calculated based on the relay’s uptime, an aggregate of various metrics such as consensus weight and relay type. In addition, AirTor will launch its own Relay, a hardware device designed for simplicity. It allows even non-tech-savvy people to easily earn AirTor tokens and contribute to the expansion of the Tor network.

AirTor deeply believes that privacy on the Internet is an inherent human right. However, in today’s digital landscape, Internet users must surrender their privacy and freedom to data collectors, censorship, and unsolicited monetization. AirTor aims to combat this privacy crisis by increasing the spread and adoption of the Tor network, improving user anonymity, increasing network speed, and improving resilience against attacks.

However, AirTor is more than just an encrypted privacy solution. It intends to become a foundation for anonymized payments linked to Tor-based services. The AirTor protocol could potentially transfer popular web2 and web3 services to Tor, expanding the range of anonymized online services. In addition, AirTor plans to extend the functionality of AirTor Relay to allow users to effortlessly route their Internet activity through Tor while simultaneously earning money as a relay.

Despite the laudable vision, it is critical to consider the potential risks associated with investing in AirTor. The cryptocurrency is still in the early stages of development, and its future depends on achieving ambitious goals. 

However, the potential benefits outweigh the challenges. AirTor offers an effective solution to the current Internet privacy crisis, boosting the growth and adoption of the Tor network. 

9 – UNS Token: A bridge between the digital world and real-world utilities

Born from the innovative minds of UNS Digital Technologies, the UNS Token brings to life a multi-sector utility token poised to revolutionize five key sectors: agriculture, education, energy, healthcare and cryptocurrency. Built on Binance’s Smart Chain, the UNS token becomes the backbone of the emerging digital economy, connecting essential real-life services to the digital realm.

One of the highlights of UNS Token is its commitment to promoting agriculture through hydroponic cultivation. As the world’s population increases, new agricultural techniques become critical to sustaining life. The hydroponic system, an ingenious method of soilless cultivation, emerges as a sustainable solution that offers higher productivity and optimal nutrient utilization than traditional agriculture. Most importantly, it uses 80-90% water, a key advantage in a world of increasing water scarcity.

In particular, UNS Digital Technologies focuses on the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) vertical hydroponic system. This innovative system has proven to be easy to install, cost-effective and highly efficient, opening the door to an eco-conscious growing method.

The UNS token facilitates direct payments for application access and purchase of agricultural products through the UNS application and supports fiat currency payments. This unique feature positions UNS as a versatile digital asset that guarantees smooth crypto and fiat transactions.

Despite its high potential, it is critical to recognize specific risks. Given its dependence on the growth of the hydroponic market and partnerships within the five sectors in which it operates, the token’s success could be affected by fluctuations in these sectors. In addition, as with any cryptocurrency, market volatility and regulatory changes may impact the value of the UNS token.

However, with its unique value proposition, strategic positioning, and innovative approach, the UNS token looks poised to become a noteworthy player in the digital economy. 

10 – SmarDex: Moving from Impermanent Loss to Impermanent Gain

SmarDex (SDEX), an innovative automated Market Maker, introduces a new approach to the DeFi industry’s Impermanent Loss (IL) problem, turning it into an Impermanent Gain (IG). This open-source Smart Contract operates on Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible blockchains, supporting decentralized ERC20 token exchanges.

The main feature of SmarDex is its ability to self-adjust to ensure optimal exchange conditions. It uses a fixed-supply incentive system, amplifying the value and purchasing power of each remaining token. The protocol’s main token, SDEX, facilitates stacking and generates passive income through farming rewards and protocol fees.

The SDEX/USDT liquidity pool exemplifies the protocol’s sound strategy. The pool, containing 5 billion SDEX units, will receive 500,000 USDT, ensuring optimal distribution of yield agriculture.

The unique design of SmarDex changes the constant rule of the traditional DEX model, thus creating a “SMART” DEX. It buys little, sells a lot, and manages cash effectively to maintain long-term balance, reducing IL and generating GI.

Given the potential gains and unique approach of SmarDex, tech-savvy investors might consider this novelty a fresh and profitable addition to their portfolio. However, like all investments, SmarDex carries some risks. The complexity of the system may be hostile for novice investors. SmarDex should be considered as part of a diversified investment strategy.

11 – Open Campus Protocol (EDU): Shaping the future of education

The Open Campus Protocol (EDU) presents an innovative, decentralized solution that aims to revolutionize the global education system. Leveraging the potential of blockchain technology, it aspires to solve pressing problems such as the undervaluing of educators, the lack of diverse educational content, and the limited control parents have over their children’s educational materials. This community-driven initiative aims to return control to educators and students, facilitating a more equitable and robust education sector.

At the heart of the Open Campus protocol is the EDU token, a fungible asset that catalyzes new forms of collaboration and promotes the creation of quality content. Using blockchain capabilities, the protocol provides transparent and verifiable records of qualifications and achievements, with educational content tokenized as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

Specifically, the Open Campus Protocol defends digital property rights through NFT Publishers, enabling content creators to preserve and monetize their intellectual property. Creators can also sell co-publishing rights to their content, promoting partnerships and opportunities within the Open Campus Protocol ecosystem. In addition, the platform facilitates the purchase and sale of publisher NFT, while co-publishers benefit from sharing revenues from promotional efforts.

However, potential investors need to be aware of specific risks. Publisher NFTs may not be available to users in some jurisdictions, and KYC (Know Your Customer) verification is required for co-publishers to receive a revenue share. 

With its ability to provide new sources of funding, more accessible and diverse educational materials, and an innovative platform for sharing and monetizing educational content, the Open Campus protocol shows promising potential in reshaping the future of education.

12 – GroveCoin (GRV): A green cryptocurrency that combines prosperity with environmental protection

GroveCoin, the vanguard of “green cryptocurrencies,” combines wealth creation with environmental consciousness. This cutting-edge digital currency draws strength from its dual commitment to economic prosperity for all and environmental responsibility. By striking a delicate balance between these aspects, GroveCoin plants the seed of a brighter and healthier future for humanity and Mother Earth.

The ingenious Grove Green Plan sheds a new light on cryptocurrencies, disassociating them from the tarnished image often associated with high energy consumption and environmental damage. Instead, GroveCoin (GRV) harnesses its potential to drive transformative change by aligning cryptocurrency investments with environmental conservation.

The GroveCoin blockchain, which uses a “Proof-of-Authority” protocol, contrasts sharply with environmentally harmful “Proof-of-Work” mining methods. Complete with digital finance services, this network provides fertile ground for other projects to grow and share the synergy between the growing cryptocurrency and sustainable technology markets.

GroveKeeper, GroveCoin’s digital wallet, ensures investors have a secure and intuitive platform to manage their cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Combined with the robust and intuitive GroveX CEX, the exchange platform designed for all levels of investors, GroveCoin offers a secure and easy-to-use integrated ecosystem.

Adding some gold to this unique blend, GroveGold (GRVG), a digital asset backed by real gold, combines the proven reliability of precious metals with the pioneering potential of blockchain technology.

GroveCoin has its roots in renewable energy. This is manifested in its partnership with WAEnergy, the Australian solar energy provider, under the “Grove Energy Solutions” brand. It seeks to play an instrumental role in the green energy revolution, in line with global trends.

Although GroveCoin offers an attractive investment opportunity, potential investors should be aware of the inherent volatility of cryptocurrency markets, which can lead to financial losses. In addition, as a new entrant in the industry, GroveCoin must prove its resilience to market pressures and regulatory changes over time.

There is no denying that GroveCoin captures the spirit of the future: a symbiotic relationship between the world of digital finance and our natural ecosystem. By promoting an inclusive and environmentally conscious economy, it fuels prosperity for all its stakeholders, making it a worthy addition to the 12 best new cryptocurrencies for 2023.

The criteria used in compiling the list of 12 new cryptocurrencies for 2023

Dozens of coins are made available every day. There are currently more than 23,000 cryptocurrencies. Most of these are worthless junk, and only a fraction of the percentage have any substance. To get on the list of the best cryptocurrencies, a coin must meet some or all of the criteria.

1) Use case:

A coin must show a unique and promising use case. Each coin was evaluated based on its fundamentals and whether it solves problems or provides a new dimension to the already crowded cryptocurrency market. Each coin presented here has a solid and promising use case.

2) Presale value proposition

Coins currently in presale, and therefore not on the open market, were examined to assess their profit potential.  

Navigating the cryptocurrency investment landscape

Embarking on the journey of cryptocurrency investing requires careful planning. Here are the four cornerstones of a smart cryptocurrency investment strategy:

1) Budget considerations

Commit only the funds you are willing to lose. The golden rule is to never risk your financial well-being. Cryptocurrencies are divisible; even small investments can be a good place to start.

2) Understand the risk

The volatile nature of cryptocurrencies carries high risk. Assess your ability to handle financial and emotional stress in the face of a potential loss. A diversified cryptocurrency portfolio can help you manage this inherent risk.

3) Evaluate cryptocurrencies

Evaluate the practical value or problem a coin solves before investing. Long-term growth potential often lies in coins that have strong use cases. Thoroughly analyze the technology, future plans, support team, and community support.

4) Security and regulatory compliance

Protect yourself from threats by choosing trusted cryptocurrency exchanges, secure wallets, and following good cybersecurity practices. Keep abreast of local regulations governing cryptocurrency trading and ownership, as they can affect market value.

Investing in cryptocurrencies requires patience, research, and risk awareness. This measured approach can help you take advantage of the potential benefits of this new investment landscape.


With the market flooded with a sea of cryptocurrencies, keeping abreast of the best ones is an immense task, and investors and traders must be careful not to throw their money into a bottomless pit. By investing in CHANCER, ASI, SHMU and MCADE, traders can strengthen their portfolios with a reasonable degree of confidence, knowing that all have solid foundations, both backed by a proven track record with adequate market capitalization and presenting promising opportunities during the presale.

Still not sure where to start? Try these four first.

  1. Chancer
  2. Shiba Memu
  3. AltSignals
  4. Metacade

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