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BitMEX extends partnership with AC Milan as Premium Partner and Official Cryptocurrency Trading Partner

In a move that reinforces their commitment to the shared values of innovation, dedication and achieving greatness, BitMEX and AC Milan have announced the extension of their partnership. 

The collaboration between the industry-leading cryptocurrency exchange platform and one of the world’s most illustrious soccer clubs began in 2021 and has since grown into a thriving partnership that has led to remarkable results for both entities.

By extending BitMEX’s position as a Premium Partner and maintaining the soccer club’s position as Official Cryptocurrency Trading Partner, it opens the door to even greater achievements in the fields of sports, business and philanthropy.

AC Milan and BitMEX partnership renewed

The renewal of this partnership is exciting news for both companies involved and their global fans. BitMEX, a major player in the cryptocurrency market, seeks to leverage AC Milan’s popularity and reach to enhance its brand presence and expand into new and emerging markets. 

By associating with one of soccer’s most iconic names, BitMEX aims to harness the passion and loyalty of millions of AC Milan fans around the world.

Stephan Lutz, CEO and Group CFO of BitMEX, expressed his enthusiasm for the renewal of the partnership, stating:

“We are excited to strengthen our partnership with AC Milan. Beyond the philanthropic projects we have worked on together, we both appreciate and applaud the spirit of competition and sense of connection that comes with it.”

Indeed, both BitMEX and AC Milan share a strong belief in the transformative power of competition and the ability of sport to foster a sense of community and connection between fans and participants.

The collaboration between BitMEX and AC Milan extends beyond the boundaries of sports and business. Their joint efforts in charitable initiatives have had a positive impact on society, demonstrating their shared commitment to giving back to the community. 

By combining their resources and leveraging their global reach, they have been able to support several noble causes and make a difference in the lives of those in need. 

With the extension of the partnership, the prospect of further philanthropic initiatives is realized, bringing hope and positive change to even more people around the world.

The importance of the BitMEX project in AC Milan’s club

BitMEX’s continued presence as the Official Cryptocurrency Trading Partner of AC Milan also indicates the growing relevance and acceptance of cryptocurrencies in mainstream sectors.

As blockchain technology and digital assets continue to shape the future of finance and commerce, BitMEX’s association with a top soccer club like AC Milan testifies to the legitimacy and potential of cryptocurrencies. 

This alliance promotes awareness and education about digital currencies, encouraging more individuals and companies to explore the benefits they offer.

Beyond the marketing benefits and charitable purposes, the partnership renewal opens up exciting possibilities for BitMEX and AC Milan fans. 

As part of their commitment to improving fan experiences, the partnership is set to offer exclusive benefits to supporters around the world. 

These benefits can range from digital goods and unique collectibles to access to special AC Milan-related events and experiences, creating a deeper level of engagement and loyalty among fans.

The innovations introduced by the partnership

In line with their dedication to innovation, BitMEX also introduced a new social trading feature called Guilds, which aligns with the spirit of competition and connection dear to both companies. 

Guilds allow traders to team up, forming groups that compete with each other. This innovative feature not only enhances user engagement on the platform, but also fosters a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition among traders, reflecting the values upheld by Milan on the field.

As the partnership between BitMEX and AC Milan continues to evolve, the world will witness exciting developments in the fields of sports, cryptocurrency, and philanthropy.

The bond between these two iconic brands is a powerful example of how a shared vision and commitment to excellence can lead to remarkable results both on and off the field. As they embark on this new chapter together, BitMEX and AC Milan are poised to make a lasting impact on their respective industries and, most importantly, on the lives of millions of people around the world.