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Optimism among Binance professional investors about crypto predictions

Recently, 88% of Binance‘s professional investors expressed confidence about the long-term outlook for crypto. 

Specifically, Binance Research and Binance VIP & Institutional collaborated in a global survey targeting professional and VIP users to explore future developments and prospects for crypto-asset investments. 

Binance and confidence about the crypto market outlook 

As anticipated, Binance Research, the dedicated market research and analysis arm of Binance, recently conducted the Institutional Crypto Outlook Survey to investigate professional users’ positions, preferences, and perspectives regarding crypto-asset investments. 

The analysis shows that the majority of respondents recognize the long-term potential of such assets. Specifically, 63.5% of respondents show confidence toward digital assets in the coming year, while a significant 88% also say they are confident for the next decade.

Among the promising trends that could foster mass adoption of crypto assets, the Institutional Crypto Outlook Survey identified the development of practical, real-world use cases as the most important, cited by 26.9% of users, while only 4.3% see inflation and rising prices as the main factor for increased adoption.

These results demonstrate how professional users look beyond short-term speculation and market cycles, instead recognizing the future potential of crypto-assets.

In terms of allocation strategies, despite the events that have affected the market over the past year, the majority of investors (47.1%) have maintained their allocation in digital assets, while only a minority of 17.3% have reduced it. 

In contrast, 35.6% of respondents have increased their financial exposure. In addition, 50% even plan to further increase their allocation in the coming year, while 45.7% intend to maintain their capital investment in crypto. 

Only 4.3% plan to reduce their allocation. Moreover, more than half of investors (53.9%) believe that infrastructure is the most promising sector for their funds, followed immediately by Layer 1 and Layer 2 technologies (48.1% and 43.8%, respectively). 

Hence, confirming once again how professional users think with a broader and longer-term vision.

Positive and long-term vision for crypto users 

Catherine Chen, Head of Binance VIP and Institutional, said the following about this: 

“The results of the Institutional Crypto Outlook Survey demonstrate with concrete evidence the positive and long-term view that many professional users have towards the crypto world. Despite a difficult context, respondents demonstrate continued interest and commitment in the sector, both through their investment choices and in light of interactions with decentralized applications, showing optimistic prospects for the entire ecosystem.”

In terms of exchanges, we see that centralized exchanges remain the favorite of professional users for exchange (90.5%) and custody (58.2%) crypto-asset transactions. 

Key selection criteria include liquidity (28.0%), security (26.0%) and reputation (22.5%). Regarding participation in decentralized finance (DeFi), decentralized spot exchanges are the most used types of dApps by investors (27.9%).

In addition, among the reasons motivating investment in crypto-assets, 42.8% of respondents cited potential and substantial returns on investment as the main factor, followed by the opportunity to gain a long-term position in emerging technology (37.5%). 

However, the high number (90.5%) of investors who still prefer centralized exchanges testifies to the importance of developing new tools to facilitate greater adoption of DeFi.

In this regard, Gianluigi Guida, General Manager of Binance Italy, commented as follows: 

“The opportunities that Web3 and the blockchain offer are many and go in the direction of increasingly fueling a new economy, the digital one. Global trust in cryptocurrencies is reflected and confirmed by the gradual growth of the digital asset market also in Italy. A penetration that requires increasingly solid foundations, especially at a cultural level: it is from this need that the Italian team of Binance is carrying out a careful and constant work, also and above all in terms of financial education, compliance and security.”

Suspicion of Russian money laundering: Advcash involved with Binance

Ukrainian journalist Kollen Post recently led the investigation that highlighted some dangers regarding money laundering within Advcash, also suggesting alleged ties to the Russian government. 

Protos, a cryptocurrency news platform, reported on Advcash’s thinly disguised Russian origins and acceptance of anonymous cash deposits, along with the employment of “ghost staff.”

The relationship between Advcash and Binance has received attention, as Advcash facilitates cryptographic services through integration with Binance accounts. Indeed, analytical data indicate that domains linked to Binance are frequently visited by Advcash users. 

In addition, Binance has recommended the use of Advcash to convert cryptocurrency to fiat currency, a fact highlighted in the SEC case against Binance

These revelations increase doubts about the transparency and legality of the transactions involved, with significant implications for both companies.

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