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Crypto and Artificial Intelligence (AI): the importance of decentralized protocols

The growing challenge in distinguishing between humans and artificial intelligence (AI) online makes it imperative to use decentralized protocols, typical of crypto systems, to create tools capable of demonstrating personhood and ensuring secure access to critical services and the global economy. 

Let’s look below at the solutions Worldcoin proposes in this regard. 

Decentralized Crypto Protocols: overcoming the challenge between Humans and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As anticipated, the increasing difficulty in distinguishing human beings from artificial intelligence online makes the use of decentralized protocols essential. 

To facilitate this process, Worldcoin has announced the public availability of its World ID Software Developer Kit (SDK). 

World ID is a privacy-preserving digital identification protocol that facilitates seamless access to websites, mobile apps, and cryptocurrencies

With this SDK, developers can quickly create new web, mobile and on-chain integrations. 

In addition, Worldcoin has completed the migration of key pieces of the technology stack and initiated user migration, representing a significant step toward the future scaling of Web3 identity and governance on the Superchain OP. 

This project joins a growing collective effort in support of the Superchain, OP’s vision for a scalable and interoperable blockchain ecosystem based on the open source OP stack on the Ethereum network.

The news of the availability of the World ID SDK comes just seven days after OP reached 2 million World ID registrations worldwide. 

The project also recently announced “Sign in with Worldcoin” integration with Okta’s Auth0 Marketplace, as well as its expansion into Germany and Spain.

The Transition of World ID and World App to OP Mainnet

In May, the Worldcoin Foundation and protocol pioneers Tools for Humanity (TFH) announced the transfer of World ID and the World App to OP Mainnet.

For World ID holders and World App users, the completion of the migration brings several benefits. Among them, we see World ID support: the Worldcoin protocol has been migrated to Ethereum, with bridges in place for Optimism and Polygon PoS.

Then, the distribution of secure wallets: most of the secure wallets have been distributed on OP Mainnet, while the rest will be distributed through the user-initiated migration process.

Uniswap support on World App: World App now supports Uniswap on OP Mainnet.

The World App update: Users are prompted to start the migration process, which takes an average of 90 seconds.

Decentralized identity opens the door to online integrity, democratic governance, and innovation. It can also enable people to have greater control over their finances and participate in the global economy on their own terms.

Bringing World ID to OP Mainnet enhances the capabilities of Optimism’s Citizens’ House, which works in partnership with Token House to govern Optimism Collective. 

This step could also enhance Optimism Collective’s AttestationStation, a multiplayer database that simplifies the attestation process and enables a robust web of trust on any OP chain in the Superchain. 

Together, the Worldcoin and Optimism communities are collaborating to build inclusive and open identity primitives that can be used by anyone and any application, both within and beyond the Superchain.

Worldcoin and Optimism united to bring Superchain to life

The migration of World ID and World App to OP Mainnet represents just the latest result of a series of past collaborations and planned projects to shape the Superchain.

Last year, Worldcoin and Optimism, along with Coinbase, which is also working on Optimism’s Superchain vision through Base, launched a collaboration on contributions to EIP-4844

This protocol aims to reduce Layer 2 (L2) fees by 10 times, and progress has been remarkable. Currently, EIP-4844 is in the process of being included in Ethereum’s next hardfork.

Together, Worldcoin and Optimism are committed to a scalable and inclusive future that unlocks the full potential of cryptocurrencies and promotes the evolution of identity on the blockchain. 

This partnership reflects the common goal of building a robust and high-performing Superchain, where protocols such as World ID and World App play a key role in enabling greater security and an enhanced user experience for the crypto community.

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