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Ducati in the Web3 world: digital collectibles on XRP Ledger

Ducati, the famous motorcycle manufacturer from Bologna, recently announced an exciting program dedicated to digital collectibles on XRP Ledger.

The project, scheduled for 26 July, marks Ducati’s entry into the Web3 world, combining the brand’s legacy of excellence and craftsmanship with cutting-edge digital technology. 

These collectibles will tell the brand’s rich history and gather racing enthusiasts from all corners of the world, offering them an opportunity to discover the unique and engaging history of the Ducati community. Below are all the details. 

XRP Ledger: The new Web3 platform for collecting Ducati treasures

Ducati embraces the Web3 world: an unprecedented opportunity to expand the experience of Ducati fans worldwide and attract new ones. 

As anticipated, the program introduces a series of digital collectibles that will tell the story of Ducati, its current status, and project a glimpse into the future.

The long-awaited launch of Ducati’s first digital collectible is set for 26 July. All enthusiasts who register at web3.ducati.com within seven days of the launch date will receive a special gift.

From the earliest stages of digital service development, Ducati has proven to be a pioneer in adopting new technologies to engage and entertain the vast community of Ducati enthusiasts. 

More specifically, the initiative aims to leverage digital channels to provide a unique experience for enthusiasts and tell, from a different perspective, the company’s history, present and future.

This innovative program, which brings the Bologna-based motorcycle company into the Web3 world, combines Ducati’s prestigious heritage of excellence and craftsmanship with cutting-edge digital technologies. 

The main goal is to welcome even more Borgo Panigale enthusiasts from all corners of the globe, allowing motorcyclists, racing enthusiasts and technology lovers to connect with the brand and discover the excitement of being part of the Ducati community.

The series of digital collectibles traces the legendary history of the Ducati brand and will be available on XRP Ledger, a world-class, open-source, energy-efficient and decentralized blockchain powered by a large community of global developers.

Full details of Ducati’s journey into the Web3 world

The Bologna-based motorcycle manufacturer, Ducati, has launched its first digital collectible: a video-sequence compilation of all the Ducati logos that have appeared on the fuel tanks of motorcycles produced in Borgo Panigale from 1946 to the present. 

This exciting release is a gift designed for fans of the brand, allowing them to carry the symbol of their passion with them at all times and join the community on this exciting journey through the Web3 world.

As anticipated, the release of this first free digital collectible is scheduled for 26 July, and all those who register at web3.ducati.com within seven days of the launch date will receive the gift and have access to subsequent releases of the project. 

However, those who register after 2 August will also still be able to participate in the releases of the following Ducati digital collectibles, but in a limited edition.

Ducati’s commitment to digital innovation is deeply rooted in the company’s culture, and this program is a natural evolution of that legacy. 

Indeed, since the first generation of digital services, Ducati has distinguished itself as a pioneer in adopting new technologies to engage, entertain, and fuel the passion of its vast community of fans around the world. 

From its digital beginnings, we recall the historic online sale of the first motorcycle on 1 January 2000, the creation of the “Desmoblog” blog dedicated to the exchange of opinions between Ducati enthusiasts and the company’s top management, as well as chats with Ducati racers.

Digital passion and new products with Web3 Pro™

Entering the Web3 world represents a logical evolution of Ducati’s digital strategy, keeping the excitement of riding a motorcycle and sharing passion with other community members at the heart. 

This new experience will also provide access to new products and services, created in collaboration with a benchmark in the Web3 world, such as Web3 Pro™.

Finally, to keep up to date with the digital collectibles project and the dates of each release, Ducati will set up a dedicated Twitter profile

MyDucati subscribers will be the first to be informed of the specific calendar, with all the appointments of this exciting journey.

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