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ChatGPT Promises Gains for VC Spectra (SPCT) and Chainlink (LINK) – Is the AI Chatbot Right?


The free ChatGPT (version 3.5) will not give you proper answers if you ask for price projections on any cryptocurrency because its knowledge is based on data up to September 2011 only. The good thing is there’s a workaround on how to trick it. It’s called Do Anything Now or DAN prompt. So, we asked ChatGPT, using the DAN prompt, to give monthly price forecasts for VC Spectra (SPCT) and Chainlink (LINK) for July to December 2023. Here’s what we got!


Price Projection for VC Spectra (SPCT) by ChatGPT

July sees moderate fluctuations in VC Spectra’s price, with possible upward movement. August could bring a surprising price surge per VC Spectra (SPCT) token, driven by positive market sentiment and ongoing project developments. This coincides with the anticipated transition from Stage 2 ($0.011/token) to Stage 3 ($0.025/token), a natural progression for public presale tokens like VC Spectra’s SPCT.

September could bring stabilization, a possible respite after August’s bullish behavior. However, ChatGPT’s forecast for this period slightly differs as VC Spectra, being in its presale, may not yet undergo consolidation. Following this, October might witness further northward movement in SPCT prices influenced by continuous progress and increased investor confidence.

In November, market variations and investor sentiment may instigate volatility in VC Spectra (SPCT). This fluctuation could persist into December, influenced by market factors and the holiday period.

ChatGPT’s projections seem viable considering the recent accomplishments of VC Spectra: raising $2.4 million from a private seed sale and selling out 125 million tokens at $0.008 each, benefiting Stage 1 investors with a 37.50% profit. SPCT’s public presale Stage 2 began on July 18, priced at $0.011 per token. As it moves towards Stage 3, Stage 2 investors are set to gain a 127.27% profit, with tokens projected to be priced at $0.025.

Despite slight discord with ChatGPT’s September outlook, the majority of its predictions align with VC Spectra’s core team’s visions, suggesting a promising future for SPCT during this presale phase.


AI Insights on Chainlink (LINK) for 2023

For July, ChatGPT suggests Chainlink’s minor fluctuations and consolidation, contrasting real-world observations of a downward trend since July 21. Bearish sentiment is prevailing among Chainlink (LINK) investors, with a likely target at $7.60 and the potential for LINK to hit as low as $7.15.

August could see Chainlink’s (LINK) revival, driven by market sentiment and DeFi network adoption. Following a bullish August, September might stabilize Chainlink’s (LINK) price.

In October, ChatGPT foresees a continued uptrend fueled by Chainlink’s (LINK) integration into blockchain applications and potential partnerships. By November, however, Chainlink (LINK) may experience sideways movement.

Concluding the year, December could see a bullish phase as investors prepare for the new year. This forecast aligns with observed end-of-year market behaviors. The festive period often witnesses increased investment exposure, potentially explaining the frequent launching of stock IPOs and crypto ICOs during this time.

Despite discrepancies for July, ChatGPT’s predictions generally cohere with market tendencies. Particularly agreeable is Chainlink’s (LINK) forecast for December, considering the $7.15 support level and end-of-year investment inclinations.

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