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Reddit and Fortnite token prices plummet after Crypto.com referenced their price growth

Last week, the cryptocurrency market witnessed a significant surge in the prices of tokens from Reddit’s MOON and BRICK communities, following a note published by the Crypto.com trading platform celebrating the rise. 

However, the excitement was short-lived: both tokens fell sharply, dropping more than 20% in the past 24 hours.

The crypto MOON and BRICK from the Reddit and Fortnite communities drop sharply

The MOON community token, associated with Reddit’s vast community of more than 6.5 million members, experienced a meteoric rise, rising to nearly $0.58 on 19 July from its previous value of about $0.09 on 16 July, coinciding with the token’s price on Crypto.com. 

During this period, trading volume also soared, reaching about $3 million on Wednesday. 

It is worth noting that Reddit’s NFT avatars have been in high demand since their availability on the platform, with more than 14 million unique holders and more than $32 million in sales, according to data from Dune analytics.

Similarly, the Fortnite community token, known as Brick and distributed as a reward for contributions to r/Fortnite, has also seen a significant price increase, rising to about $0.10 on 19 July from its previous value of $0.01 on 17 July, according to CoinGecko data.

Despite the initial surge, both tokens have experienced substantial declines in trading volume and price over the past 24 hours. Moon, which had reached a price of $0.33, is now trading at $0.33, while Brick, which had risen to just under $0.05, is now at around $0.05.

Crypto.com acknowledges the surge experienced by both tokens 

The platform speculates that the recent change in Reddit’s Terms of Service may have been the catalyst for the price increase. Specifically, on 16 July Reddit amended its Terms of Service to allow users to trade community tokens and avatars.

Fluctuations in token prices and trading volumes highlight the inherent volatility of the cryptocurrency market. 

Cryptocurrencies are subject to rapid and unpredictable price changes driven by various factors, including news announcements, trading activity, and changes in market sentiment. 

Moreover, the fact that tokens linked to online communities such as Reddit and Fortnite can experience such extreme price swings underscores the power of social media and community engagement in the cryptocurrency space.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, it is essential that investors and traders exercise caution and conduct thorough research before investing in tokens with significant ties to social media platforms or online communities. 

While these tokens can experience sudden price spikes, they can also be highly susceptible to market corrections and increased volatility.

The link between Crypto.com and the Reddit community

In response to the rise of subreddit community tokens, platforms such as Crypto.com have played a significant role in facilitating the trading and pricing of these tokens. 

While they provide investors with a gateway to the cryptocurrency market, such exchanges must implement robust risk management measures and adhere to compliance standards to protect their users and the integrity of the market.

Investors should be aware of the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies and perform due diligence before participating in any token offering or trading. 

Understanding the fundamentals of a project, assessing the credibility of the team and the usefulness of the token within the ecosystem can help make informed investment decisions.

In addition, regulatory efforts and industry standards are required to promote a more stable and secure cryptocurrency market. 

Governments and regulators around the world must work together to create a balanced regulatory framework that encourages innovation while safeguarding investors and market integrity. 

Initiatives to combat fraudulent schemes, promote transparency, and establish investor protections will be crucial to building trust in the cryptocurrency space.


To conclude, the recent surge and subsequent collapse of token prices in the Moon and Brick subreddit communities serve as a warning to investors in the cryptocurrency market. 

While the sector has tremendous potential for financial innovation and inclusion, it also has inherent risks and challenges. Regulators, platforms, and investors must work together to strike a balance between promoting innovation and implementing measures that protect market participants.

 Only through collective efforts can the cryptocurrency market mature into a stable and reliable financial ecosystem, benefiting all stakeholders.