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Revolut app celebrates first anniversary of crypto project “Learn”

Revolut, the popular global financial super app with more than 30 million customers worldwide, is celebrating a major milestone with the first anniversary of its crypto education product, “Learn.” 

Launched a year ago with the inaugural “Crypto Basics” course, “Learn” has been attended by more than 3.8 million customers in the United Kingdom, the European Economic Area, Australia, and Singapore. 

The main goal of the product is to provide customers with a better understanding of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology through a series of educational courses.

“Learn” from the Revolut app has turned into one of the most prominent educational projects in the crypto landscape in just one year

“Learn” has proven to be more than a resource for cryptocurrency enthusiasts; it has also become an essential tool for those looking to enter the cryptocurrency world for the first time. 

The platform has managed to simplify complex technical jargon into easily accessible information, making it ideal for a broader audience seeking to improve their knowledge of blockchain protocols and digital assets.

Over the past year, “Learn” has grown exponentially, expanding its course offerings to include six courses and 18 lectures. 

These courses were developed in collaboration with key partners in the crypto space, such as Polkadot, 1inch, Avalanche and Algorand. The success of these courses has encouraged Revolut to continue adding more educational content in the future. 

Upcoming courses will cover popular cryptocurrencies such as Near and other tokens, further enriching customers’ understanding of the crypto landscape.

One of the distinguishing features of “Learn” is its incentive mechanism, in which customers are rewarded with native tokens upon completion of lessons and quizzes. 

This gamified approach not only motivated users to actively participate in courses, but also fostered a greater sense of engagement and satisfaction in learning.

Mazen Eljundi, Global Business Head of Crypto and Wealth & Trading at Revolut, expressed his satisfaction with the overwhelming response of “Learn” in its first year. He acknowledged the product’s transformative impact in making cryptocurrency knowledge more accessible to a wider audience and affirmed Revolut’s commitment to continue offering valuable educational content to its customers.

The project has been praised by all partnerships including Polkadot and Avalanche

“Learn” partners, including Polkadot, 1inch Network, Avalanche and Algorand, also praised the initiative for its role in bridging the gap between the traditional Web2 and the emerging Web3 ecosystem. 

The collaboration with Revolut has enabled these projects to educate a mass audience about the potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, paving the way for greater adoption in the future.

The success of “Learn” has not gone unnoticed in the industry, as it was recognized as a “top cryptocurrency star” in FinTech consulting firm 11FS’ Pulse Report in 2022. 

The product’s simple and fun approach to cryptocurrency education was highly appreciated and further strengthened Revolut’s position as a leading player in the financial technology space.

Revolut customers in the UK, EEA, Australia, and Singapore can access “Learn” courses in their local languages. By completing the courses and passing the final quizzes, users have the opportunity to earn up to GBP/EUR 15 (as of the release date) in native tokens.

Although “Learn” has been successful in promoting cryptocurrency education, Revolut remains committed to financial literacy and empowerment of its customers. 

As cryptocurrencies continue to play a significant role in the global financial landscape, the educational program will undoubtedly play a key role in equipping clients with the knowledge and skills required to responsibly navigate the world of digital assets.

Revolut’s approach to cryptocurrency education emphasizes the importance of investing responsibly and understanding the risks associated with digital assets. 

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to evolve, “Learn” will play a key role in promoting financial education, fostering innovation, and enabling clients to make informed decisions in the cryptocurrency space and beyond. 

Looking ahead, Revolut is poised to have an even greater impact in shaping the financial future of its customers.