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Ethereum Prediction; ETH Slips Nearly 5%, is it a good time to invest in DigiToads Presale?


If you had to pick out a jack of all trades in the crypto market, Ethereum would make a suitable candidate. The ETH network powers cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens, virtual machines, and a wide array of decentralized platforms. Its versatile and developer-friendly features make it the top choice for developers. However, in the recent past, Ethereum has hit a rough patch after its token price slipped by nearly 5%. Its dipping prices have put the spotlight of crypto users on several other top crypto coins like DigiToads (TOADS). A section of analysts also feels that it might be a good time to explore DigiToads’ features, given it’s currently in the last stage of its presale process.¬†

DigiToads: Where ease of access meets DeFi opportunities

DigiToads is a hybrid DeFi platform that sports the features of multiple cryptocurrencies. What makes DigiToads a good crypto to buy is the ease with which its users can try out various DeFi opportunities to multiply their gains. The hybrid DeFi project has been making waves with its capability to drive financial inclusion. With DigiToads, one can leverage multiple options for earning passive income. Its presale growth is another reason why many analysts are rooting for DigiToads. Having wrapped up nine out of 10 stages, DigiToads has collected more than $6.5 million in presale funding.

With DigiToads, crypto users can stake NFTs, trade cryptocurrencies, and win crypto tokens in Web 3.0 games and exciting competitions and even better prize draws. To give out various rewards and transactions, DigiToads has rolled out a native cryptocurrency that’s called the TOADS token. The token’s total supply is fixed at 585 million.

The TOADS tokens are deflationary coins that are designed to curb price fluctuations with an anti-inflationary mechanism. The supply of TOADS tokens is controlled to ensure that the supply never shoots past the demand. If the status quo changes, the extra tokens are burned or destroyed. As the token supply is scarce, price fluctuations are minimal.

The platform’s Web 3.0 game is an exciting opportunity to earn rewards in the form of TOADS tokens. The game is based on a Metaverse swamp where players try to outperform each other in the pursuit of high scores. The highest scorers of every season are rewarded with TOADS tokens. There are various in-game assets that players can purchase to advance their progress in the game. These items include virtual creatures which have special powers and are called DigiToads. These players can help players outperform their rivals with their strength. The other in-game assets that players can buy are training equipment, food, and potions for their DigiToad.

Cryptocurrency users can also participate in trading contests that are held every month. In these trading competitions, participants have to book the highest trading volume in a month to win. The profits that they bring in a month during the competition are divided between the DigiToads team and the participant. 


Software used for packaging Ethereum transactions raises $60 million

Ethereum is among the best crypto investments that you can find in today’s market because of its state-of-the-art features. It is a next-generation technology that powers cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and various decentralized systems. Its native token is ETH and it is used for various transactional purposes inside the Ethereum ecosystem. Ethereum uses the proof-of-stake consensus protocol for securing the network and validating transactions in real time. In a recent development, Flashbots, which provides software to package transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, raised $60 million to finance an upgrade of its flagship technology. 


If you are not sure about the best altcoins to buy now, you can choose DigiToads and Ethereum as they are highly popular crypto projects that have garnered a lot of attention with their market performance. However, when it comes to growth potential, DigiToads steals a march over not just Ethereum but several other popular altcoins. The reason behind its potential is its hybrid DeFi platform that brings multiple opportunities on a single platform. Another feature of the platform that contributes to DigiToads’ rising popularity is its decentralized governance system where community members are incentivized for participating actively on the platform. TOADS token holders even get the chance to contribute to operational issues through voting rights that are used when proposals are pitched by other community members.

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