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BitKeep rebranded to Bitget Wallet to fine tune the crypto and Web3 worlds

BitKeep has rebranded to Bitget Wallet so as to mark a milestone in the crypto and Web3 world. 

Indeed, the new brand update is in line with the new version of the crypto-exchange, from the slogan “Faster Trading, Better Assets.”

BitKeep is now Bitget Wallet: in line with the rebranding of the new crypto and Web3 version

BitKeep, the non-custodial multi-chain crypto-wallet, has announced its rebrand to Bitget Wallet, to align with the new version that tunes the crypto and Web3 worlds

Basically, with this rebranding, the “old” BitKeep will be transformed into a trading wallet platform, enabling users to enjoy faster transactions and superior asset management services.

And indeed, the brand upgrade is in line with the slogan “Faster Trading, Better Assets,” which will thus be adopted by Bitget Wallet. 

This was all made possible by a $30 million capital raise by Bitget, the crypto-exchange that has become popular for copy-trading and beyond. These funds are also being used to harmonize BitKeep’s robust services with Bitget’s cutting-edge trading experience and technology. 

BitKeep’s rebranding and the new Bitget Swap feature that combines crypto and Web3

On the occasion of the rebranding of the BitKeep wallet to Bitget Wallet, Bitget launched a new function that harmonizes the crypto world with Web3: Bitget Swap

That new integrated multi-chain trading feature that boasts intelligent DEX aggregation on over 100 DEXs, with best-in-class liquidity, to provide users with the most optimal prices available. 

This is a feature of the new Bitget Wallet that can offer users the ability to enjoy a wide range of trading pairs and seamless cross-chain trading on 20 chains

Not only that, Bitget Swap also offers access to accurate market data and aggregated pricing from multiple leading protocols, as well as a robust selection of trading modes, including limit orders and leveraged contracts.

The new feature interacts with the platform’s various other features, such as token management and transfer, NFT marketplace, DApp Browser, Launchpad, and more.

The significance of Bitget Wallet’s new logo

Graphics also have their meaning, and apparently Bitget did not miss the opportunity to create a new logo commemorating the rebrand into Bitget Wallet

It is a powerful symbol of the platform’s commitment to revolutionizing the world of Web3 trading and its strong partnership with Bitget Exchange.

That logo features two arrowheads pointing in opposite directions, each carrying a deep meaning that aligns with the vision of the new brand. 

The arrows represent Bitget Wallet’s unwavering belief in the future through guidance and leadership, and point to the speed of transactions that users can enjoy on the platform.

In this regard, Moka, COO of BitKeep, commented:

 “This transformation marks a significant milestone for BitKeep as we embrace the future of Web3 trading. With Bitget’s support, we are poised to become the ultimate trading wallet, empowering users with faster transactions, unmatched DEX aggregation, and seamless cross-chain convenience.”

Bitget’s rebranding vision

On the heels of Twitter’s celebrated rebranding into X, Bitget also wanted to accomplish its own, releasing its new style and vision. 

The vision is a veritable new philosophy focused on “Trade smarter,” emphasizing Bitget’s commitment to providing users with tools for a safe, user-friendly, and efficient financial industry

First and foremost, Bitget really wanted to update its visual identity so as to streamline the trading process and make it easier for its users. 

If we then talk about goals, then the crypto-exchange’s new update focuses on transparency and security. In this regard, Bitget is committed to publishing monthly audits on the status of its reserves (PoR).

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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