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Bitcoin Lightning Network payments arrive in the United Kingdom (UK) with integration of Lolly POS

Bitcoin’s march toward mainstream adoption has taken a significant step forward in the United Kingdom (UK) with the integration of Lightning Network payments into all Lolly Point of Sale (POS) terminals. 

This development, reported by Bitcoin News, brings faster and more efficient transactions to the forefront of retail transactions, expanding the reach and usability of cryptocurrencies in the country.

UK takes crypto integration a step further: introduction of Bitcoin Lighting Network support on Lolly POS

The introduction of Bitcoin Lightning support to Lolly’s PoS terminals was made possible by a strategic partnership between CoinCorner, a leading player in the Bitcoin and Lightning Network space, and Lolly, a software house in the hotel industry. 

This collaboration aims to revolutionize payment processing within the industry by seamlessly embedding Bitcoin Lightning payments into the existing payment infrastructure. 

As a result, the LollyPoS platform now allows patrons to pay for food and drinks using Bitcoin, in addition to traditional payment methods such as cash and cards.

The user experience has been ingeniously designed to incorporate payments in Bitcoin. Customers, after selecting the payment method at the POS terminal, can now opt for the CoinCorner payment option. 

This selection activates the display of a QR code on the terminal’s rear display. 

This QR code is the gateway to initiate a payment through the Bitcoin Lightning Network, a layer 2 solution designed to accelerate Bitcoin transactions while maintaining cost efficiency.

CoinCorner x Lolly: together for Bitcoin integration into payment systems

Danny Scott, CEO of CoinCorner, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating: 

“We are excited to partner with Lolly to bring Bitcoin payments to more businesses. Having both Bitcoin and traditional payments in one integrated POS is a much better experience for both businesses and customers – it’s long overdue.”

Peter Moore, CEO of Lolly, emphasized the forward-looking nature of the collaboration. He stated: 

“We are always looking ahead and are excited to debut Bitcoin payments in our industry. Because of the lightning-fast speed of transactions and the fact that hospitality providers see transactions in sterling, these types of payments pose no risk to them, so it’s a win-win for everyone. 

It is great to work with CoinCorner, a trusted brand in this industry. We share their vision that this represents the future of payments. We look forward to supporting our customers to participate in this process.”

This major milestone is not just about integrating Bitcoin payments into the hospitality industry; it is about laying the groundwork for wider adoption of cryptocurrencies in everyday transactions.

The collaboration between CoinCorner and Lolly represents a significant step forward in Bitcoin’s journey toward becoming a widely accepted means of payment. 

Payment with Bitcoin is a modern solution that encompasses innovation and inclusion

By seamlessly incorporating Bitcoin alongside conventional payment methods, the two companies are setting an example of innovation and inclusion in payment solutions, reflecting the evolving preferences of modern consumers. 

The integration of Bitcoin Lightning payments into Lolly POS terminals is not just a technological advance, but a pivotal moment that symbolizes the changing dynamics of finance and commerce. 

As Bitcoin continues to integrate into mainstream financial systems, one POS terminal at a time, it is becoming increasingly clear that cryptocurrency adoption is not a passing trend, but a transformative change that is poised to reshape the way we conduct transactions and view money. 

The partnership between CoinCorner and Lolly is a beacon of progress, illuminating the path to a future where cryptocurrency payments will be as common as using a credit card.