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Crypto news: Ripple (XRP) expands support for blockchain education in Europe

Crypto news important: Ripple (XRP) disclosed that four European universities have joined the University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI), investing $11 million over the past five years to promote research and education on blockchain technology. 

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Four new European universities join Ripple’s crypto and blockchain research initiative (XRP)

Ripple, capitalizing on its growing business success in Europe, has further expanded its ties with academia in the region by adding four new university institutions to its University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI).

The UBRI is celebrating its fifth year by announcing new partnerships with prestigious European universities, including Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), EPITA (France), IE Madrid (Spain), and the University of Trento (Italy). 

These renowned academic partners will actively contribute to promoting blockchain education and research globally, particularly within the region. Since its creation in 2018, UBRI has invested more than $11 million to support 14 academic partners across Europe. 

This strategic move coincides with a period of accelerated innovation across the region, which is gaining prominence as a global center for cryptographic technologies. 

Indeed, Europe is stepping up its research and regulatory efforts through the introduction of crypto asset market (MiCA) legislation, aiming to provide clear regulatory guidance to encourage greater adoption in the mainstream market.

For its part, UBRI is committed to contributing to this ambitious mission by providing appropriate education to keep pace with the rapidly developing crypto landscape.

Seminar at IE Madrid: crypto and virtual asset regulation

Eric van Miltenburg, SVP Strategic Initiatives at Ripple, had the following to say on the subject: 

As UBRI celebrates its fifth year of supporting global universities to both drive and transform blockchain education and research, four leading universities with budding talent will now benefit from brand new ways to explore, create and grow in the worlds of blockchain and crypto.

It’s crucial that we arm the next generation with the knowledge and practical skills needed to build on blockchain technology for real-world utility. By providing more regulatory clarity — which means more opportunities for crypto projects to thrive — Europe is primed to accelerate this mission.” 

In addition, building on the recent collaboration with UBRI, IE Madrid will organize a three-day workshop focused on regulating virtual assets for students, focusing on applied research, entrepreneurship and business transformation. 

The primary objective will be the creation of a relevant research paper, providing students with the opportunity to gain the skills needed to enter the world of regulated cryptocurrencies.

Ikhlaq Sidhu, dean of IE University in Spain, commented: 

We are delighted to partner with Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative to address the future of virtual asset regulation and the technology needed to support it. IE University is proud to drive and prepare our next generation of leaders toward a crypto- and blockchain-enabled economy with the support of UBRI for years to come.” 

Ripple Expands Its Partnership with UK CBT.

Ripple has also further strengthened its partnership with the Centre for Blockchain Technologies (CBT), an educational program originated at University College London (UCL) with the support of UBRI. 

Now known as UK CBT, this collaboration takes on an even more synergistic perspective as the program expands its network of resources.

As the national nucleus for blockchain research and education initiatives, the UK CBT will expand its reach beyond UCL to include the cities of Birmingham and Edinburgh, with additional destinations yet to be announced.

The UK CBT will maintain its commitment to XRPL-related projects and develop targeted programs to promote XRPL innovation and adoption. 

These efforts include holding dedicated XRPL workshops aimed at universities, developers and industry professionals, accelerator programs to support the development of early XRPL-related ideas, as well as supporting resonant conferences such as UBRI Connect, helping to spread the innovative opportunities of blockchain on a global scale.

Dr. Paolo Tasca, founder and director of the world’s largest research center on blockchain technologies, the UCL Center for Blockchain Technologies, said: 

The UK CBT was born out of a desire to position the UK as a global leader in blockchain. 

We believe that improving collaboration between governments, regulators, industry leaders and universities can actively advance the innovation agenda, set standards and equip the next generation with exponential skills in digital technologies.

With Hedera’s support, along with Ripple’s UBRI, we are shaping a future in which blockchain revolutionizes socio-economic systems and pushes the UK to the forefront of technology leadership.” 

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