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CoinBar and Kebhouze revolutionize the Food 4.0 industry: secure and fast cryptocurrency payments


In a world that is getting increasingly faster, the food sector is also experiencing the 4.0 revolution in a serious and radical way, in favor of a digital, responsible and sustainable food experience for merchants and customers. The entry of new technologies in the food sector is essential, not only to minimize waste and optimize the use of resources, but also to improve the customer experience, also considering that the food sector, in our country, generates an annual turnover of 179 billion euros and represents almost 10 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

With this in mind, in order to ensure a fast and fulfilling dining experience for consumers, the solution is to offer digital payment methods: easy, fast and smart. This is the mission behind the partnership between CoinBar and Kebhouze two companies at the forefront, in the field of cryptocurrency and catering, which marks an important leap forward in the Italian food sector.

Coinbar, founded by Antonello Cugusi together with a group of young entrepreneurs, is one of the most reliable and innovative cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the country; while Kebhouze is the new brand of kebabs and fast food that is depopulating in Italy – and beyond – for the quality of its products and modernity of its concept, so much so that it has also attracted influencer and entrepreneur Gianluca Vacchi to the ranks of its investors. At Kebhouze you can find four different types of kebab meat, unique in the industry, including a plant-based kebab option for vegans, vegetarians and the curious. And that’s not all: kebab burgers, rice and salad-based kebab bowls, nuggets, fries, and special menus dedicated to children and families. With this joint venture Kebhouze establishes itself as the first food chain to accept cryptocurrency payments in all their stores, in Italy, Spain, and soon in the UK.

This is a real revolution in the restaurant industry and it is significant that it is happening in a fast food restaurant rather than a starred restaurant, because a “transformation” is truly such when it starts from the bottom, involving a significant segment of the population. 

The partnership between CoinBar and Kebhouze reduces the distance between the public and cryptocurrencies, presenting them as a convenient and secure means of payment for all customers. According to the latest research, cryptocurrency adoption in Italy is growing rapidly with a 150% increase in the number of digital wallets registered over the past year. This phenomenon reflects a growing interest and trust in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies as an alternative form of payment.

CoinBar, with its innovative CoinBar Pay system, enables Kebhouze customers to make payments directly in cryptocurrencies. A solution that guarantees secure, fast and efficient transactions. At the same time, with the introduction of this payment mode, Kebhouze once again confirms its commitment to offering an experience aligned with the trends and needs of the digital world.

CoinBar and Kebhouze represent the perfect combination of technological and culinary innovation, propelling their already digitally oriented customers directly into the future. 

“The collaboration with Kebhouze has been inspiring from the first meeting, thanks to the shared vision and drive toward innovation. These values have enabled us to make Kebhouze the first international food chain to accept cryptocurrency payments in all their stores. An extraordinary achievement that will revolutionize the entire industry.” 

Fabiano Taliani, COO of Coinbar comments and continues: 

“Thanks to this partnership, Kebhouze customers will be able to pay in cryptocurrencies not only in Italy but also in Spain and the UK.”

About Coinbar

Coinbar is a regulated cryptocurrency exchange based in Italy. In addition to the canonical exchange tool, its mission is the merging of the real and virtual economy through the creation of an integrated platform with merchant services aimed at business owners called Coinbar Pay. This system allows merchants to accept payments in cryptocurrencies, automatically making the exchange in euros, so they are not exposed to the volatility typical of cryptocurrencies.