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Astar Network and Polygon Labs introduce Astar zkEVM: Japan’s Ethereum Layer 2 crypto revolution

In a monumental step toward the adoption of blockchain technology as well as Web3 and crypto initiatives, Astar Network, Japan’s leading blockchain platform, has entered into a transformative partnership with Polygon crypto Labs, a renowned international software development company specializing in blockchain scalar architecture. 

This visionary collaboration heralds the birth of Astar zkEVM, an Ethereum layer-2 scalable solution destined to reshape the enterprise and entertainment blockchain landscape in Japan and beyond.

Polygon’s Astar zkEVM: a gateway to Web3 and crypto innovation

Astar Network, which is notable for its extensive partnerships with industry giants such as Sony, Toyota, NTT docomo and other global companies, has emerged as a leader in the mass adoption of Web3 in Japan. 

This latest venture, the development of Astar zkEVM, leverages the cutting-edge technology of the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK). 

Designed as a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution, Astar zkEVM is intended to enable companies to accelerate the development and secure deployment of their Web3 strategies.

Polygon Labs: pioneers of Blockchain architecture and the crypto world

Polygon Labs, an international software development company specializing in blockchain scalability, joins forces with Astar Network to provide the technology backbone for Astar zkEVM. 

This collaboration represents a milestone in the evolution of blockchain technology, as it offers legacy security from Ethereum, enhanced scalability, and trustless interoperability. 

These features are likely to unlock a wider community of developers and users, thus facilitating mass adoption of blockchain technology.

Web3 pioneers in Asia

The Asian continent has emerged as a hotbed of Web3 adoption, with Japan leading the way. 

The government’s active support for Web3 technologies nationwide, as highlighted by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, underscores the importance of decentralized technologies in Japan’s future growth strategy. 

Several Japanese government agencies and cities are already launching their own Web3 initiatives, creating fertile ground for Astar zkEVM’s innovative solutions.

Astar zkEVM: Fueling Japan’s growth

Astar zkEVM, powered by Polygon, is positioned as the ultimate layer-2 scaling solution for Japan. 

Integrating seamlessly with the Ethereum ecosystem, it improves its overall performance and security, thereby reducing the barriers to entry for developers and end users venturing into the Web3 realm. 

Compatibility with existing Ethereum tools ensures a smooth transition for the developer community.

Astar’s impact on the entertainment industry.

Astar Network has cultivated strategic partnerships, including one with Sony Network Communications, as part of the joint Web3 incubation program. 

This collaboration has fostered the emergence of numerous startups, with 19 projects selected out of more than 200 applications receiving assistance from leading venture capital firms and Web3 companies. 

In addition, Astar joined forces with Toyota to host Toyota’s first Web3 Hackathon in January, further solidifying its presence in the Web3 ecosystem.

Astar’s zkEVM roadmap includes the involvement of a range of companies, entertainment companies, IPs, and gaming entities. 

With the strong support of Polygon Labs and Astar Network’s prominent position in Japan, Astar zkEVM is poised to usher in an era of innovation and growth in the Web3 space.

About Astar Network

Astar Network is the entry point for enterprises, entertainment and gaming projects seeking to enter the Japanese market and beyond. 

Powered by Polkadot and Polygon, Astar Network is a leader in the blockchain industry in Japan and is driving Web3 adoption globally.

Astar zkEVM, the innovative Layer-2 solution, enhances the Web3 experience on Ethereum with zero-knowledge (ZK) technology. 

Integrating seamlessly with existing smart contracts, developer tools and wallets on Ethereum, it promises a frictionless transition to Web3.

Polygon Labs and its commitment to sustainability

Polygon Labs specializes in Ethereum scalability solutions for Polygon crypto protocols. Working with developers across the ecosystem, Polygon Labs facilitates the creation of scalable, cost-effective, secure and sustainable blockchain infrastructure for Web3. 

Polygon Labs’ suite of protocols includes layer 2 (zero-knowledge rollup), sidechains, app-specific chains, and data availability protocols. 

With widespread adoption and a diverse user base, including leading Web3 projects and enterprises, Polygon Labs is at the forefront of Web3 innovation.

In its commitment to sustainability, Polygon Labs is carbon-neutral, aiming to drive Web3 toward carbon-negativity.


In the evolving landscape of blockchain technology and Web3 initiatives, the collaboration between Astar Network and Polygon crypto Labs marks a significant milestone. 

Astar zkEVM, Ethereum’s layer-2 scaling solution, is a testament to their commitment to accelerating the adoption of blockchain technology in Japan and beyond.

This innovative partnership leverages Japan’s forward-looking approach to Web3, with strong government support and growing interest from local governments and industries. 

Astar zkEVM is poised to play a key role in these developments, offering Ethereum’s renowned security, increased scalability, and trust-free interoperability.

Through its equivalence to Ethereum’s virtual machine and emphasis on ease of use, Astar zkEVM aims to reduce barriers to entry for developers and end users, fostering a thriving Web3 ecosystem. 

In addition, Astar Network’s strategic partnerships with industry giants such as Sony and Toyota exemplify its dedication to promoting the Web3 movement.

Looking to the future, Astar zkEVM’s roadmap promises to bring other enterprises, entertainment companies, IPs, and gaming entities into the Web3 fold, thanks to Polygon Labs’ technical expertise and Astar Network’s established presence in Japan.