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Price Prediction: ETH Crucial $1,600 Support Fading Away; QUBE to Experience 2,500% Price Rally


The ebb and flow of the crypto market has been particularly volatile in recent months, with top crypto coins like Ethereum displaying unforeseen vulnerabilities. As Ethereum’s pivotal $1,600 support level seems to be crumbling, a stark contrast is observed in a predicted meteoric 2,500% rally for InQubeta’s $QUBE. Let’s delve further into these contrasting events.

InQubeta: Unyielding Success in Volatile Times

In the midst of market turbulence, InQubeta has emerged as an exciting development. The platform’s innovative mission is to democratize investments in AI start-ups through its ERC20 coin, QUBE. A unique vision, grounded in providing transparent and equitable investment opportunities, has played a pivotal role in InQubeta’s unprecedented rise.

QUBE’s potential 2,500% rally signifies a broader shift in investor preference. With Ethereum and several other cryptos showcasing volatility, there is a palpable demand for platforms that offer more than just a top crypto to invest in. InQubeta, by integrating NFT marketplaces and allowing streamlined investments in AI start-ups, presents a refreshing and promising alternative.

Ethereum’s Precarious Position

The series of recent setbacks for the crypto sector has had significant repercussions on Ethereum’s performance. The most alarming development has been the financial quandary of the Digital Currency Group (DCG). Given that DCG is the proprietor of Grayscale, the world’s largest crypto mutual fund manager, its troubles have inevitably cast shadows over Ethereum. With Grayscale Ethereum Trust holding a staggering $4.8 billion worth of ETH deposits, the probability of a potential liquidation to offset DCG’s liabilities looms large.

More concerning is the declining number of Ethereum addresses that have at least $1,000 worth of ETH. This trend is paradoxical, especially when considering Ethereum’s impressive peak of $2,130 back in mid-April, a level that should have lured new investors.  With the SEC tightening its regulatory grip and Google Trends data pointing to a waning public interest in cryptocurrencies, Ethereum’s descent below the critical $1,600 support level appears all the more imminent.

What Lies Ahead for Ethereum and InQubeta?

As Ethereum looks to be on the edge of a price drop, its future seems hinged on several external factors. The resolution of DCG’s financial woes will be pivotal in determining the immediate trajectory of Ethereum. Moreover, a revival in global interest and trust in cryptocurrencies is imperative for Ethereum to regain its lost ground.

Contrastingly, the future seems bright for one of the top ICOs in 2023: InQubeta ($QUBE). The resounding success of the ongoing presale signifies more than just short-term investor interest. It reflects a broader sentiment of trust in platforms that merge the worlds of cryptocurrency, innovative technology, and real-world utility. The recent surge in QUBE value isn’t merely a consequence of Ethereum’s downturn but is indicative of InQubeta’s strong fundamentals and rewarding features.


The crypto market, in all its unpredictability, constantly reshapes investment narratives. While Ethereum’s recent challenges offer a cautionary tale about the market’s volatile nature, InQubeta’s rise is a testament to the power of innovation, trust, and tangible utility. As the future unfolds, it remains to be seen whether Ethereum can regain its former glory. However, one thing is certain: platforms like InQubeta, which seamlessly intertwine innovation with real-world application, are setting the gold standard in the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency investments.

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