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Huobi’s bold step toward global expansion under the leadership of Tron founder Justin Sun

Tron founder Justin Sun prepares for global expansion of Huobi by rebranding the company’s international identity. 

From Tron to Huobi: the revolutions of visionary Justin Sun

In a strategic move to elevate its global presence and better cater to its English-speaking user base, Huobi, the renowned cryptocurrency exchange, has embarked on a transformational journey by rebranding its international identity as HTX. 

This significant rebranding is led by Justin Sun, Huobi’s esteemed consultant, who aims to position HTX as a powerhouse in the ever-expanding world of digital asset trading.

Justin Sun, the visionary consultant behind Huobi’s international rebranding, expressed the exchange’s aspiration to transcend its “China-dominated” image. 

At a media briefing held during Token 2049 in Singapore, Sun outlined HTX’s ambitious global expansion plans, noting that Huobi has already secured seven licenses in various jurisdictions around the world.

Sun’s vision for Huobi goes beyond the conventional boundaries of a cryptocurrency exchange. He emphasized the exchange’s commitment to working with governments in various regions, including Lithuania, Dubai, Australia, and Latin American countries such as Argentina and Brazil, to establish compliant cryptocurrency trading operations. 

This strategic alignment with regulators underscores Huobi’s dedication to responsible and legal expansion.

The rationale behind the Huobi rebranding

The decision to rebrand Huobi as HTX is not just a cosmetic change. Justin Sun explained that the change was made necessary by the language challenges faced by English-speaking users. 

Pronouncing “Huobi” proved to be a daunting task for many, as the term is derived from Chinese and means “fire” and “coin.” 

Thus, the rebranding is in line with Huobi’s quest for a more inclusive and globally understandable identity.

While the brand name may evolve into HTX for international audiences, Huobi remains the designated identity for Chinese-speaking regions, ensuring continuity and recognition within its home market.

Huobi’s global campaigns: past and present

Justin Sun acknowledged that Huobi has previously undertaken two major international campaigns, but admitted that these efforts have not been as successful as other Chinese-originated exchanges. 

He cited the example of Binance, which hails from China but has achieved considerable global success, largely due to its superior branding strategies.

Sun’s astute observation underscores the central role of branding in an exchange’s global journey. 

It serves as a reminder that success in the cryptocurrency space goes beyond technology and compliance; effective communication and branding are equally crucial components of the equation.

Democratization of token listing

A major shift in HTX’s approach to listing new tokens is on the horizon. While Huobi boasts of its impeccable track record since its founding in 2013, HTX is poised to adopt a more community-focused approach. 

Justin Sun revealed that the exchange plans to engage more with its user base by allowing them to participate in the decision-making process regarding cryptocurrency projects to be listed on the platform.

This democratization of the token pricing process represents a paradigm shift in the industry, granting users a voice in shaping the exchange’s future offerings. 

It reflects HTX’s commitment to promoting transparency and inclusiveness within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

How will the founder of Tron, Justin Sun, have to move for the global expansion of Huobi (HTX)

HTX’s journey to global excellence is underpinned by a strategic blend of innovation, regulatory collaboration, and user engagement. We delve into each of these key pillars that drive HTX’s quest for global recognition.

Innovation in trading: HTX recognizes that to remain competitive in the global cryptocurrency landscape, it is imperative to continuously innovate. 

The exchange has long been known for its robust trading infrastructure and intends to build on this foundation. Justin Sun, in his role as advisor, stresses the importance of staying at the forefront of technological advances.

One area where HTX intends to make strides is in providing a secure and seamless trading experience. 

With cybersecurity threats looming over the cryptocurrency world, the exchange plans to implement state-of-the-art security measures to safeguard user resources.

This commitment to security is in line with HTX’s vision of instilling trust and confidence in its users.

Regulatory compliance: The cryptocurrency industry has come under increasing scrutiny from regulatory bodies around the world. 

To thrive in this changing landscape, HTX recognizes the importance of compliance. 

By proactively working with governments and regulators in various regions, the exchange aims to demonstrate its commitment to operating within established legal frameworks.

HTX’s collaborative approach testifies to its long-term perspective

Rather than seeking short-term gains, the exchange focuses on building a sustainable and compliant platform that can withstand regulatory changes and adapt to evolving industry standards.

User-centered approach: The democratization of the token listing process marks a significant change in HTX’s approach to engaging its user community. This user-centered ethos extends beyond pricing decisions. The exchange plans to actively seek user feedback and suggestions on various aspects of its operations.

By involving its user base in the decision-making process, HTX aims to create a sense of ownership and community within its platform. 

This not only fosters trust, but also ensures that the exchange evolves in line with user preferences and market demands.

Aim for global relevance: The cryptocurrency industry has evolved rapidly and competition among exchanges is fierce.

HTX’s rebranding and global expansion ambitions are driven by a clear recognition of the need to compete at the highest level. Justin Sun’s advisory role brings valuable insights and a global perspective to the leadership of the exchange.

Success in the cryptocurrency space is no longer measured only by trading volume, but also by the depth of engagement with users and regulators. 

The challenges ahead

By positioning itself as an exchange that values transparency, compliance, and user engagement, HTX seeks not only to keep pace with rivals, but to become a leader in its own right.

While the road ahead is promising, it is not without its challenges. Navigating a complex and ever-changing regulatory landscape remains a formidable task. Moreover, building a globally recognized brand takes time and concerted efforts.

Competition in the cryptocurrency exchange space is intense, with established players and newcomers vying for market share. 

HTX’s rebranding and global expansion strategy will require an ongoing commitment to its vision and continuous adaptation to changing market dynamics.


The transformation of HTX from Huobi to a globally recognized brand represents a bold and calculated move. 

Under Justin Sun’s leadership, the exchange has set its sights on a future where it is not only a major player but also a thought leader in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Rebranding as HTX signifies a commitment to inclusiveness, innovation, and regulatory compliance.

It is a recognition that success in the cryptocurrency world is not just about numbers, but also about building trust, engaging the community, and shaping the future of the industry.

As HTX charts its course toward global eminence, it does so with a clear vision to create a cryptocurrency exchange that resonates with users around the world. 

In an industry marked by innovation and disruption, HTX’s journey promises to be significant and could help redefine the way exchanges operate and interact with their users on a global scale.