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Aptos vs Tradecurve Markets: Which Crypto Is Worth A Place In Your Wallet?


TradFi analysts guarantee that Bitcoin (BTC) will trade above $100,000 in 2025, but DeFi-native crypto analysts state that the real gains will be made in altcoins like Aptos (APT) and Tradecurve Markets (TCRV).

DeFi’s value proposition is skyrocketing, and protocols providing decentralized and permissionless services will soar as they absorb market share from the traditional financial apparatus. Analysts compared Aptos vs. Tradecurve Markets to decipher which crypto is worth a place in your wallet. 

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Tradecurve Markets (TCRV) The Next Step in On-Chain Trading’s Evolution

Tradecurve Markets has quickly garnered media attention following a highly impressive presale which has already raised in excess of $4 million. Still in its fifth stage, analysts call for a total raise of $20 million. But what is Tradecurve Markets?

Tradecurve Markets is the next step in on-chain trading’s evolution. Instead of traders deciding between the self-custodial nature of DEXs or the performance of centralized order book model services, they get the best of both worlds. The unique hybrid infrastructure model of Tradecurve Markets powers the performance traders desire alongside the decentralized custodial nature delivered by DeFi. 

The platform features arguably the most diverse range of integrated assets of any DeFi-native trading platform. Instead of focusing solely on crypto, Tradecurve Markets looks to expand the market of on-chain trading. Traders can access bond, crypto, stock, and commodities markets from the unified platform opening the door for Tradecurve Markets to cannibalize volume from TradFi trading institutions.

$TCRV, the native token, acts as the key to the ecosystem and unlocks next-level functionality for token holders. Benefits include access to AI trading systems, social trading features, and entrance to trading competitions. Not to mention the most significant upside, exposure to the protocol’s growth.

Analysts have already forecast $TCRV to 50X before the end of the presale and expect that this disruptive trading platform could even rival global titans like Coinbase, Kraken, and Binance in the next six months. An altcoin that all investors should add to their watchlists!

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Aptos (APT) Partners with Microsoft

Aptos is a next-generation alternative layer one developed by a team formerly at Meta. It emphasizes scalability and developer tools to easily onboard the human capital that will create the next dApp that reaches mainstream adoption.

The blockchain employs parallel execution and state sharding to achieve a theoretical throughput exceeding 150,000 transactions per second. Additionally, Aptos introduced a new coding language titled Move which focuses on asset security and provides a user-friendly interface for coders of any ability.

A recent announcement of a partnership between Aptos and Microsoft to apply blockchain to artificial intelligence has caused analysts to revise their price targets. They now expect $APT to trade between $11.30 and $13.37 in 2024, and although the upside is impressive, Aptos competes in an increasingly congested market sector. Hence why analysts ultimately chose Tradecurve Markets as 2023’s hottest altcoin. 

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