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MakerDAO Price Prediction: $MKR Surges 13%; $QUBE Poised to 100x in 2023


$MKR, the governance token of the renowned stablecoin lending platform MakerDAO ($MKR), has recently defied market trends by emerging as one of the top performers in the cryptocurrency space over the past week. Amidst a turbulent market, $MKR recorded gains of 13%, reaching a price of $1,175. While many in the crypto community met this price surge with enthusiasm, some market observers expressed concerns about the sustainability of this rally.

In a recent analysis shared by the well-known on-chain analyst Ali Martinez, the dramatic upswing in $MKR’s value was questioned. This led to speculation that it had possibly been manipulated. Martinez further cautioned that MakerDAO might experience a correction, potentially dropping to $1,000 or even lower.

To support his argument, Martinez pointed to the recent behavior of cryptocurrency whales. When the price of MakerDAO surged, there was an increased inflow to exchanges, and MakerDAO’s supply on exchanges saw a massive spike of nearly 10,000. Transactions exceeding $100,000 surged as the token’s price continued to rise. These patterns hinted at influential whale investors transferring their holdings to exchanges, possibly intending to sell them at a profit.

The cryptocurrency market has seen its share of schemes, including pump-and-dump schemes, which are not exclusive to the crypto space but also exist in traditional finance. These schemes involve artificially inflating the price of an asset by spreading positive news and luring unsuspecting investors. Once the price reaches a certain level, those orchestrating the scheme begin selling their holdings at a profit, causing the asset’s price to plummet and leaving new investors holding devalued assets.

While no definitive evidence suggests that the recent price surge of $MKR resulted from a pump-and-dump scheme, retail investors are urged to exercise caution. The cryptocurrency market is known for its volatility and susceptibility to sudden price swings. Small to mid-cap assets, like $MKR and new DeFi projects, are often targeted in such schemes due to their potential for rapid price movements.

Meanwhile, a new entrant, InQubeta ($QUBE), continues to earn investors’ confidence by delivering a stellar performance during the early stages of its development. InQubeta’s native token, $QUBE, recently netted a 90% surge as its presale progressed into its fourth stage. This performance has earned $QUBE a hundredfold projection before the end of 2023.

InQubeta’s ($QUBE) Presale Success Positions It For 100X Surge

InQubeta is witnessing an unprecedented surge as its presale achieves remarkable milestones. The cryptocurrency platform has amassed over $3 million since its debut, indicating massive interest from global investors. Due to this demand, $QUBE has also rallied 90% from its initial value, cementing it as the best crypto investment for exponential gains.

In Stage 4 of its presale, investors can still buy $QUBE at a discount and receive a 10% bonus. Because of $QUBE’s unmatched utility and increasingly high demand, investors are optimistic, as the presale is set to deliver an impressive 130% return after its crypto ICO. Seeing as the presale started at $0.007 with $QUBE already worth $0.0133, the growth potential of InQubeta is massive.

The main drive of the pioneering asset is its use cases. InQubeta provides seed money for AI startups by minting their equity into fractionalized NFTs and offering them to investors to buy. This innovation redefines the crowdfunding sector while empowering investors with the opportunity to profit from the best cryptocurrency investment on the market. Analysts believe the value-driven offerings of InQubeta will position its $QUBE as the new altcoin to generate over 100x gains this year.

InQubeta’s potential to deliver on its promise of constant growth is very likely. Considering $QUBE’s highly anticipated listing on Uniswap and other centralized exchanges when it launches, it could push towards record-breaking highs. As many new DeFi projects tend to skyrocket post-launch due to increased exposure, it won’t be surprising if $QUBE eventually surpasses this optimistic projection.


While $MKR’s sudden rise sparked questions about its sustainability, InQubeta’s $QUBE has carved a new path, showcasing a unique approach to digital investment. The project is backed by some of the most impressive numbers in the crypto ecosystem, and it’s quickly gaining traction in the market. With the increasing demand for AI and the performance of its crypto ICO, InQubeta could turn you into a millionaire in 2023.

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