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The SEC urgently calls for the inspection of crypto exchange Binance.US and the resignation of the CEO

Trouble in the crypto world, the SEC once again confronts Binance.US, calling for an immediate inspection and the resignation of the CEO.

The SEC’s urgent call for action against crypto exchange Binance.US

In a recent twist, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) intensified its scrutiny of Binance.US, the US counterpart of the global cryptocurrency exchange giant. 

The regulator raised concerns about the custody of customer assets and criticized the exchange’s handling of document production. In addition, the SEC commented on a number of high-profile departures from Binance.US, including CEO Brian Shroder. 

This article delves into the SEC’s urgent request for inspection, the allegations against Binance.US, and the impact of the “mass exodus” of key executives.

Binance.US’s document production problems

The SEC’s dissatisfaction with Binance.US’s document production is the crux of its recent court filing. The regulator accuses Binance.US of “slowing down document production” and says the exchange has failed to comply with requests for certain crucial information regarding customer assets. 

The SEC claims that BAM, the entity behind Binance.US, attempted to circumvent transparency by presenting carefully curated narratives and statements, dismissing concerns as irrelevant.

The background of this ongoing legal battle is crucial to understanding the context. The SEC had already filed a lawsuit against Binance.US and its founder, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, for alleged violations of several federal securities laws. 

This lawsuit set the stage for the SEC’s request for an inspection and allegation that BAM was uncooperative in providing essential information about clients’ assets.

The urgent need for an SEC inspection toward crypto exchange Binance.US

The SEC’s insistence on an inspection of BAM’s operations and infrastructure underscores the seriousness of its concerns. 

Specifically, the SEC seeks to examine BAM’s technology infrastructure and software, among other areas. The regulator says the limited inspection conducted so far has revealed significant problems, warranting the need for an urgent and comprehensive investigation.

In a surprising twist, the SEC filing also comments on the departure of key executives from Binance.US. 

Notably, CEO Brian Shroder, Krishna Juvvadi (chief legal officer) and Sidney Majalya (chief risk officer) have all left the company. This “mass exodus” of high-ranking employees has raised questions and intensified concerns about the stock exchange’s stability and governance.

The SEC claims that the departure of these executives, particularly Brian Shroder, could have an impact on issues related to the custody, control, and availability of client assets. 

This claim further underscores the urgency of an accelerated investigation into these issues.

Binance.US response and its implications

In response to the SEC’s allegations and requests for inspection, Binance.US reiterated that the concerns raised by the regulator are unfounded. 

The exchange maintains that it has been transparent in its operations and that any remaining concerns are exaggerated. This stance sets the stage for a contentious legal battle that is likely to have lasting consequences for the cryptocurrency industry.

The implications of this situation go beyond the immediate legal skirmish. The cryptocurrency community is divided over the regulatory approach taken by the SEC. Some argue that robust regulation is necessary to protect investors and ensure the long-term viability of the cryptocurrency market. 

Others argue that overregulation could stifle innovation and hinder the industry’s growth.

In addition, the departure of CEO Brian Shroder and other high-profile executives raises questions about the internal dynamics of Binance.US. 

Investors and users of the exchange may be concerned about the potential impact on the exchange’s operations and governance. The vacuum left by these departures will need to be filled by leadership capable of guiding the exchange through these turbulent times.


The SEC’s recent actions and statements regarding Binance.US reflect the regulator’s commitment to ensuring transparency and regulatory compliance in the cryptocurrency industry. 

The request for an inspection of BAM’s operations and the criticism of document production highlight the seriousness of the allegations against the exchange. 

In addition, the exit of several key executives adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing saga, raising questions about the exchange’s future direction and its ability to address the SEC’s concerns.

The cryptocurrency community and investors will be closely watching developments in this legal battle, which could have far-reaching implications for the entire industry. 

The outcome of the SEC inspection and the resolution of the case against Binance.US will undoubtedly determine the future of cryptocurrency regulation in the United States.