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News and prices of crypto assets The Graph (GRT), Cronos (CRO) and Casper (CSPR)

Continuing our column related to the world of crypto, today we will analyze three very interesting assets, starting from price analysis to the latest news: The Graph, Cronos and Casper.

Prices and market statistics of crypto asset The Graph, Cronos and Casper

The crypto world is an ever-changing landscape of cycles and moments. Although the timing is not the best for much of the crypto ecosystem, there are a few assets that are growing positively in price: CRO, GRT, and CSPR. 

Let’s start with Cronos (CRO) itself, the lightest increase of the three projects. In fact, crypto CRO has increased its value by 1.8 percent in the last week, bringing its price to US$0.051. 

In statistical terms, Cronos has a market capitalization of $1.35 billion and a daily trading volume of $5.3 million. With 26 billion CROs in circulation.

Different story for The Graph, which increases its value by 12.3 percent in just seven days, bringing its market price to US$0.0901. 

In terms of market statistics, we are also talking about a substantial increase: the market capitalization rose to USD 831.2 million with a trading volume in the last 24 hours of USD 26.2 million. 

The circulating supply of the token is 9.2 billion GRT, with an average holding time of 86 days.

Positive results likewise for Casper, which in one week grows 5.2 percent bringing its price to US$0.0346. 

CSPR’s market capitalization is $391.7 million, with trading volume in the past 24 hours of $2.3 million and a circulating supply of 11.3 billion CSPR. 

Let us now turn to the news that has influenced or will influence the asset price. 

The Cryptonomist’s interview with The Graph

In the interview with The Cryptonomist, they discuss the possibility of decentralized indexing protocols overtaking traditional search engines such as Google and Yahoo in the coming years. 

It points out that crypto protocols are capable of understanding a wide range of data, including events, identities and transactions, that current web companies do not possess. 

Such protocols are expected to function as the infrastructure of the new Internet, making all aspects of life, such as transactions and identities, accessible and part of a vast knowledge graph.

The interview also addresses the connection between The Graph and artificial intelligence (AI). 

It is pointed out that The Graph uses AI to support simulation and research of its protocol and could become a market for access to blockchain data for AI tools.

The on-chain data market is expected to increasingly shift toward user data, with the proliferation of social, gaming, and interactive dApps. 

Increasing demand for granular and complex data, such as block explorers and advanced DeFi dashboards, is anticipated. It is believed that the way on-chain data is consumed will change with cryptocurrency education.

In addition, the possibility of collaboration between The Graph and Chainlink to improve the on-chain data industry is discussed, noting that both could be integrated to meet users’ data needs.

Finally, the GRT token is mentioned, which is used to coordinate network participants and as a medium of exchange for accessing blockchain data. It is emphasized that its main purpose is to incentivize efficient data management in the network.

In conclusion, the growth of the DeFi and Metaverse sectors is seen as a significant opportunity for The Graph, as the platform is dedicated to supporting Web3 and its development through training and developer support initiatives.

Casper makes a name for itself in the crypto world, amid collaboration and hard work

Casper (CSPR) is gaining significant traction in the cryptocurrency market and has captured the attention of investors and blockchain enthusiasts through its mission to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology by enterprises and developers. This live proof-of-stake blockchain, based on the Casper CBC specification, offers unique features and significant growth potential.

Over the past week, Casper has seen a remarkable surge in its volume on the blockchain. In the past 24 hours alone, the cryptocurrency’s value has soared an impressive 4.62 percent, sparking investor excitement. 

The consistent positive price movement has undoubtedly excited Casper investors, who have seen promising returns during this period.

One of the key factors in Casper’s recent surge is its strategic partnership with INX, a regulated broker-dealer in the United States. 

This partnership involved tokenizing and pricing Casper’s shares, boosting investor confidence and further fueling the cryptocurrency’s upward trajectory. This strategic move allowed Casper to access new markets and expand its audience.

Casper’s recent price surge aligns with the optimistic sentiment prevailing in the cryptocurrency market. 

Growing interest from institutional investors and increasing acceptance of digital assets have instilled confidence in the cryptocurrency sphere. In addition, influential figures within the blockchain industry have expressed positive views on cryptocurrencies, including Casper, contributing to the overall favorable outlook.